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41 STOP in the name of who's law? Driving and the regulation of contested space in Central Australia 2013 Anthony, T. Blagg, H. Journal article
42 Expenditure on health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2010-11 2013 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
43 Radiation treatment compliance in the Indigenous population: the pilot Northern Territory experience and future directions 2013 Le, H. Penniment, M. Carruthers, S. Roos, D. Sullivan, T. Baxi, S. Journal article
44 A nurse-managed kidney disease program in regional and remote Australia 2013 Tracey, K. Cossich, T. Bennett, P.N. Wright, S. Ockerby, C. Journal article
45 The morbidity and mortality outcomes of Indigenous Australian peoples after isolated coronary artery bypass graft surgery: the influence of geographic remoteness 2013 Prabhu, A. Tully, P.J. Bennetts, J.S. Tuble, S.C. Baker, R.A. Journal article
46 Re: Why optometry must work from urban and regional Aboriginal Health Services [letter] 2013 Napper, G.A. Sorraghan, J. Wood, J. Crerie, G. Morse, A. Journal article
47 Gambling spaces and the racial dialectics of social inclusion: a case study of a remote Australian casino 2013 Young, M. Doran, B. Markham, F. Journal article
48 Australian housing policy, misrecognition and Indigenous population mobility 2013 Habibis, D. Journal article
49 Lipid profiles and persisting inflammation following critical illness in a Central Australian population: a prospective longitudinal observational study 2013 Secombe, P.J. Brown, A. Kruger, P.S. Stewart, P.C. Journal article
50 Chronic hepatitis B: care delivery and patient knowledge in the Torres Strait region of Australia 2013 Preston-Thomas, A. Fagan, P. Nakata, Y. Anderson, E. Journal article
51 Temperature sensitivity in Indigenous Australians 2013 Guo, Y. Wang, Z. Li, S. Tong, S. Barnett, A.G. Journal article
52 Developing research in partnership with Aboriginal communities – strategies for improving recruitment and retention 2013 Rae, K. Weatherall, L. Hollebone, K. Apen, K. McLean, M. Blackwell, C. Eades, S. Boulton, J. Lumbers, E. Smith, R. Online journal article
53 Overview of Australian Indigenous health status, 2012 2013 MacRae, A. Thomson, N. Anomie, Burns, J. Catto, M. Gray, C. Levitan, L. McLoughlin, N. Potter, C. Ride, K. Stumpers, S. Trzesinski, A. Urquhart, B. Report
54 Characteristics of the community-level diet of Aboriginal people in remote northern Australia 2013 Brimblecombe, J.K. Ferguson, M.M. Liberato, S.C. O’Dea, K. Journal article
55 Literature review of the interplay between education, employment, health and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in remote areas: working towards an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellbeing framework 2013 Nguyen, O.K. Cairney, S. Report
56 Stages of change, smoking behaviour and readiness to quit in a large sample of Indigenous Australians living in eight remote north Queensland communities 2013 Campbell, S. Bohanna, I. Swinbourne, A. Cadet-James, Y. McKeown, D. McDermott, R. Journal article
57 Indigenous perspectives on the desired attributes of medical graduates practising in remote communities: a northwest Queensland pilot study 2013 Woolley, T. Sivamalai, S. Ross, S. Duffy, G. Miller, A. Journal article
58 Population movement can sustain STI prevalence in remote Australian indigenous communities 2013 Hui, B.B. Gray, R.T. Wilson, D.P. Ward, J.S. Smith, A.A. Philip, D.J. Law, M.G. Hocking, J.S. Regan, D.G. Online journal article
59 Tenants' experiences of the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing Property and Tenancy Management reforms: final report 2013 Allen Consulting Group Report
60 Whole of strategy evaluation of the petrol sniffing strategy: future directions for the PSS: final report 2013 Marcus, D. Shaw, D. Report
Last updated: 18 March 2018
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