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No Title Year Author Type
41 Non-disclosure of violence in Australian Indigenous communities 2011 Willis, M. Report
42 Caring for older Australians: draft report 2011 Productivity Commission Report
43 Healthy eating in urban Aboriginal households may be promoted through cooking workshops and by recognising the importance of women's work, shared meals, time and cost management 2011 Kuipers, K. Nelson, A. Journal article
44 Plasma carotenoids are associated with socioeconomic status in an urban Indigenous population: an observational study 2011 Hodge, A. Cunningham, J. Maple-Brown, L. Dunbar, T. O'Dea, K. Online journal article
45 The health of urban Aboriginal people: insufficient data to close the gap [letter] 2011 Comino, E.J. Pulver, L.R.J. Knight, J.A. Journal article
46 Indigenous health – a role for private general practice 2011 Johanson, R.P. Hill, P. Journal article
47 Juvenile justice in Australia, 2008-09 2011 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
48 Department of Indigenous Affairs districts communities maps 2011 Department of Indigenous Affairs Map
49 Kat Kat: a cooking TV show for the urban hunter-gatherer 2011 Adams, K. Liebzeit, A. Thorpe, S. Browne, J. Ryschka, J. Burns, C. Journal article
50 Epidemiology of syphilis in Australia: moving toward elimination of infectious syphilis from remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities? 2011 Ward, J.S. Guy, R.J. Akre, S.P. Middleton, M.G. Giele, C.M. Su, J.Y. Davis, C.A. Wand, H. Knox, J.B. Fagan, P.S. Donovan, B. Kaldor, J.M. Russell, D.B. Journal article
51 Indigenous child health checks: the view from the city [letter] 2011 Coleman, J.J. Spurling, G.K. Askew, D.A. Hayman, N.E. Journal article
52 High rates of albuminuria but not of low eGFR in urban Indigenous Australians: the DRUID Study 2011 Maple-Brown, L.J. Cunningham, J. Hodge, A.M. Weeramanthri, T. Dunbar, T. Lawton, P.D. Zimmet, P.Z. Chadban, S.J. Polkinghorne, K.R. Shaw, J.E. O'Dea, K. Online journal article
53 Trends in access to dental care among Australian adults 1994–2008 2011 Harford, J.E. Ellershaw, A.C. Spencer, A.J. Report
54 The Lililwan Project: developing a culture - and language‐appropriate FASD diagnostic checklist for history‐taking in an Australian Aboriginal community 2011 Yungabun, H. Conference presentation
55 Response to the Senate Community Affairs References Committee report: Hear Us: Inquiry into hearing health in Australia 2011 Government of Australia Report
56 Young Australians: their health and wellbeing 2011 2011 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
57 Health care services, 2009-10 2011 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
58 Positive impact of a long-running urban Aboriginal medical service midwifery program 2011 Wong, R. Herceg, A. Patterson, C. Freebairn, L. Baker, A. Sharp, P. Pinnington, P. Tongs, J. Journal article
59 Improving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people's access to medicines - the QUMAX program [editorial] 2011 Couzos, S. Sheedy, V. Thiele, D.D. Journal article
60 Racism and health among urban Aboriginal young people 2011 Priest, N. Paradies, Y. Stewart, P. Luke, J. Online journal article
Last updated: 18 March 2018
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