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No Title Year Author Type
41 Indigenous early childhood development: children and family centres 2013 Australian National Audit Office Report
42 Towards a shared understanding of terms and concepts: strengthening nursing and midwifery care of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 2013 Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses Report
43 Healthy for Life: Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services: report card 2013 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
44 Health beliefs and behavior: the practicalities of “looking after yourself” in an Australian Aboriginal community 2013 Senior, K. Chenhall, R. Journal article
45 There's no Aboriginal word for cancer 2013 Pinkerton, J. Journal article
46 Making ‘Blow Away the Smokes' DVD for Indigenous smokers - the journey and lessons learnt 2013 Gould, G. Conference presentation
47 Making art with communities: a work guide 2013 Arts Victoria Report
48 The Aboriginal story of Burke and Wills: forgotten narratives 2013 Edited book
49 Our children, our Dreaming: a call for a more just approach for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families: discussion paper 2013 Healing Foundation, Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection, Aboriginal Child, Family and Community Care State Secretariat, Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Report
50 Food security and traditional foods in remote Aboriginal communities: a review of the literature 2013 Bussey, C. Online journal article
51 Youth gangs in a remote Indigenous community: importance of cultural authority and family support 2013 Cunningham, T. Ivory, B. Chenhall, R. McMahon, R. Senior, K. Report
52 Beyond cultural security; towards sanctuary 2013 Milroy, H.M. Journal article
53 Refining the concept of cultural competence: building on decades of progress 2013 Thackrah, R.D. Thompson, S.C. Journal article
54 Sharing Place, Learning Together: the birthplace of new ways? 2013 Webb, J.C. Godinho, S.C. Woolley, M.F. Winkel, K.D. Journal article
55 The role of traditional medicine practice in primary health care within Aboriginal Australia: a review of the literature 2013 Oliver, S.J. Online journal article
56 Trauma-informed services and trauma-specific care for Indigenous Australian children 2013 Atkinson, J. Report
57 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2013-2023 2013 Australian Department of Health and Ageing Report
58 The role of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services in Indigenous health 2013 Weightman, M. Journal article
59 Improving palliative care outcomes for Aboriginal Australians: service providers' perspectives 2013 Shahid, S. Bessarab, D. van Schaik, K.D. Aoun, S. Thompson, S.C. Online journal article
60 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child placement principle: aims and core elements 2013 Secretariat of National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care Report
Last updated: 17 March 2018
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