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No Title Year Author Type
41 Safe system demonstration project involving an Indigenous community: literature review and methods 2011 Olney, K. Senserrick, T. Ivers, R. Martiniuk, A. Clapham, K. Lyford, M. Grzebieta, R. Report
42 Safe system demonstration project involving an Indigenous community: audit and implementation plan 2011 Olney, K. Senserrick, T. Yip, P. Grzebieta, R. Ivers, R. Clapham, K. Lyford, M. Report
43 National road safety strategy 2011 - 2020 2011 Australian Transport Council Report
44 The NSW Sober Driver Program: recidivism rates and program parameters 2011 Mazurski, E. Withaneachi, D. Kelly, S. Conference paper
45 National Indigenous infrastructure guide: transport 2010 Centre for Appropriate Technology Report section
46 Outback crusade: Indigenous licensing officer drives alcohol reform 2010 Duncan, B. Journal article
47 An analysis of injury patterns following road traffic collisions in the Northern Territory 2010 Flint, S. Journal article
48 Aboriginal people travelling well: community report 2010 Helps, Y. Moodie, D. Warman, G. Report
49 Northern Territory Coordinator-General for remote services: report #2 December 2009 to May 2010 2010 Northern Territory Coordinator-General for Remote Services Report
50 Buckle up safely for Indigenous children: development and evaluation of a preschool based education program to increase correct use of appropriate child restraints 2010 Hunter, K. Clapham, K. Lyford, M. Keay, L. Brown, J. Bilston, L. Fegan, M. Ivers, R.Q. Conference paper
51 Community partnerships for young drivers and road safety education 2010 Zines, D. Conference presentation
52 New national child restraint laws 2010 State and Territory Governments Electronic source
53 Mortality and hospitalisation due to injury in the Aboriginal population of New South Wales 2010 Walter, S. Centre for Aboriginal Health Report
54 Road safety and public health advocacy: the way forward 2010 Boss, A. Pikora, T. Daube, M. Conference presentation
55 Reconciliation action plan – annual progress report to January 2010: Western Australian Department of Transport 2010 Western Australian Department of Transport Report
56 Injury of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people due to transport, 2003-04 to 2007-08 2010 Henley, G. Harrison, J. Report
57 Fitzroy Valley alcohol restriction report: an evaluation of the effects of alcohol restrictions in Fitzroy Crossing relating to measurable health and social outcomes, community perceptions and alcohol related behaviours after two years 2010 Kinnane, S. Farringdon, F. Henderson-Yates, L. Parker, H. Report
58 National road safety strategy 2011-2020: draft for consultation 2010 Standing Committee on Transport Report
59 NSW BikePlan 2010 New South Wales government Report
60 Aboriginal injury prevention projects 2010 Senserrick, T. Hinchcliff, R. Ivers, R. Martiniuk, A. Boufous, S. Clapham, K. Report
Last updated: 18 February 2018
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