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No Title Year Author Type
41 National partnership agreement on closing the gap in Indigenous health outcomes: implementation plan: jurisdiction ACT 2009 Australian Capital Territory Government Report
42 Implementation plan for National Partnership Agreement on Indigenous Economic Participation between the Commonwealth of Australia and the Australian Capital Territory 2009 Australian Capital Territory Government Commonwealth of Australia Report
43 Building a strong foundation: a framework for promoting mental health and wellbeing in the ACT 2009-2014 2009 Australian Capital Territory Department of Health Report
44 Managing the risk of suicide: a suicide prevention strategy for the ACT 2009–2014 2009 Australian Capital Territory Department of Health Report
45 Aboriginal placenames : naming and re-naming the Australian landscape 2009 Edited book
46 Canberra: a social atlas, 2006 2008 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
47 Adult corrections health services plan 2008-2012 2008 ACT Health Report
48 Alcohol and other drug treatment services in the Australian Capital Territory: findings from the National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) 2006-07 2008 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
49 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health assessments: barriers to improving uptake 2008 Kehoe, H. Lovett, R.W. Journal article
50 Stories on 'growing up' from Indigenous people in the ACT metro/Queanbeyan region 2008 Department of Families Housing Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Report
51 Trachoma surveillance report 2007 2008 Tellis, B. Dunn, R. Keeffe, J. Taylor, H. Report
52 Report on 2007 Australian Capital Territory racism survey 2008 Dunn, K.M. White, A. Report
53 You do the crime you do the time: best practice model of holistic health service delivery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inmates of the ACT Prison 2007 Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service Report
54 Educational outcomes of children on guardianship or custody orders: a pilot study 2007 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
55 HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and sexually transmissible infections: a strategic framework for the ACT 2007-2012 2007 ACT Health Report
56 The zoonotic potential of dogs in Aboriginal communities in Central Australia 2007 Gaskin, S. Bentham, R. Cromar, N. Fallowfield, H. Journal article
57 What works? A research based policy approach to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 2007 Behrendt, L. Report
58 The social determinants of Aboriginal prison health and the cycle of incarceration and their implications for policy: an Australian Capital Territory case study 2007 Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service Conference presentation
59 An evaluation of opioid replacement pharmacotherapy in an urban Aboriginal health service 2007 Black, A. Khan, S. Brown, R. Sharp, Chatfield, H. McGuiness, C. Journal article
60 Report to OIPC and ACT Chief Minister's Department re: ACT COAG trial evaluation: a question of time? 2006 Morgan Disney and Associates Pty Ltd Tracey Whetnall Consulting Wis-Wei Consulting Pty Ltd Report
Last updated: 18 March 2018
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