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21 Potentially avoidable hospitalisations in Australia: causes for hospitalisations and primary health care interventions 2012 Katterl, R. Anikeeva, O. Butler, C. Brown, L. Smith, B. Bywood, P. Report
22 Azithromycin for Indigenous children with bronchiectasis: study protocol for a multi-centre randomized controlled trial 2012 Valery, P.C. Morris, P.S. Grimwood, K. Torzillo, P.J. Byrne, C.A. Masters, B.I. Bauert, P.A. McCallum, G.B. Mobberly, C. Chang, A.B. Online journal article
23 Antibiotics for persistent cough or wheeze following acute bronchiolitis in children 2012 McCallum, G.B. Morris, P.S. Chang, A.B. Online journal article
24 Multiple causes of death: an analysis of all natural and selected chronic disease causes of death 1997–2007 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
25 From the ground up [ppt] 2012 Massey, P. Taylor, K. Pearce, G. Conference presentation
26 Development of a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health plan: discussion paper 2012 Australian Department of Health and Ageing Report
27 Adult immunisation update: with a focus on influenza and pneumococcal disease in adults [ppt] 2012 Rowles, G. Conference presentation
28 Cancer directory 2012 Cancer Council NSW Electronic source
29 Improving chronic lung disease management in rural and remote Australia: the Breathe Easy Walk Easy program 2012 Johnston, C.L. Boyle, E. Maxwell, L.J. Maguire, G.P. Alison, J.A. Journal article
30 The SMART-COP score performs well for pneumonia risk stratification in Australia's tropical Northern Territory: a prospective cohort study 2012 Robins-Browne, K.L. Cheng, A.C. Thomas, K.A. Palmer, D.J. Currie, B.J. Davis, J.S. Journal article
Last updated: 1 November 2014
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