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No Title Year Author Type
21 Priorities for a new government: keeping the medicare promise, thinking beyond services and getting governance right 2014 Duckett, S.J. Journal article
22 Regional health workforce planning in north Queensland: starting with the end in mind 2014 Larkins, S. Panzera, A. Beaton, N. Murray, R. Mills, J. Coulter, K. Stewart, R. Hollins, J. Matich, P. Baird, D. Report
23 Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory: six-monthly progress report 1 January 2013 to 30 June 2013 2014 Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Report
24 A review of Indigenous involvement in water planning, 2013 2014 National Water Commission Report
25 Tell them they’re dreaming: work, education and young people with mental illness in Australia 2014 Orygen Youth Health Research Centre Report
26 Priority setting in Indigenous health: assessing priority setting process and criteria that should guide the health system to improve Indigenous Australian health 2014 Otim, M.E. Kelaher, M. Anderson, I.P. Doran, C.M. Online journal article
27 Indigenous health: radical hope or groundhog day? 2014 Hunter, E.M. Journal article
28 The measurement of patient experience in non-GP primary health care settings 2014 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
29 Green paper on developing northern Australia 2014 Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development Report
30 Initiatives to support the delivery of services to Indigenous Australians 2014 Varnes, T.  Cheung, L.  Brennan, N.  Meek, G.  Wells, E.  Abdel‐Nasser, M. Pope, A. Report
Last updated: 31 August 2016
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