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No Title Year Author Type
41 Aboriginal families study policy brief no1 antenatal care: translating evidence from the Aboriginal families study to inform policy and practice 2013 Aboriginal Families Study Report
42 Aboriginal families study policy brief no 2 social health issues in pregnancy: translating evidence from the Aboriginal families study to inform policy and practice 2013 Aboriginal Families Study Report
43 Mothers after gestational diabetes in Australia diabetes prevention program (MAGDA-DPP) post-natal intervention: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial 2013 Shin, S.T.F. Davis-Lameloise, N. Janus, E.D. Wildey, C. Versace, V.L. Hagger, V. Asproloupos, D. O'Reilly, S. Phillips, P.A. Ackland, M. Skinner, T. Oats, J. Carter, R. Best, J.D. Dunbar, J.A. Online journal article
44 Postpartum care for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women with gestational diabetes mellitus across urban, rural and remote locations: a protocol for a cohort linkage study 2013 Chamberlain, C. Fredericks, B. Davis, B. Mein, J. Smith, B. Eades, S. Oldenburg, B. Online journal article
45 Potential prevention of small for gestational age in Australia: a population-based linkage study 2013 Taylor, L.K. Lee, Y.Y.C. Lim, K. Simpson, J.M. Roberts, C.L. Morris, J. Online journal article
46 Is a randomised controlled trial of a maternity care intervention for pregnant adolescents possible? An Australian feasibility study 2013 Allen, J. Stapleton, H. Tracy, S. Kildea, S. Online journal article
47 Creating evidence to inform the delivery and monitoring of health care for remote aboriginal mothers and newborns : challenges and case studies 2013 Steenkamp, M. Thesis
48 Australia's mothers and babies 2011 2013 Li, Z. Zeki, R. Hilder, L. Sullivan, E.A. Report
49 Children of the grog 2013 Hayes, L. Book
50 Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders and training program for placement support workers in Tasmania: a pilot project 2013 National Organisation for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Report
51 Use of maternal health services by remote dwelling Aboriginal women in northern Australia and their disease burden 2013 Bar-Zeev, S. Barclay, L. Kruske, S. Bar-Zeev, N. Gao, Y. Kildea, S. Journal article
52 Annual report: deaths of children and young people, Queensland 2012–13 2013 Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Report
53 Applied professional practice in public health: promoting equitable health services delivery through evaluation and research 2013 Maher, L. Thesis
54 The quality of maternal and infant health services and their utilisation by remote dwelling Aboriginal families in the top end of Australia 2013 Bar-Zeev, S.J. Thesis
55 The MACAW Study : models of antenatal care for Aboriginal women with diabetes 2013 Porter, C.L. Thesis
56 The role of support person for Ngaanyatjarra women during pregnancy and birth 2012 Simmonds, D. West, L. Porter, J. Davies, M. Holland, C. Preston-Thomas, A. O’Rourke, P.K. Tangey, A. Journal article
57 From hospital to home: the quality and safety of a postnatal discharge system used for remote dwelling Aboriginal mothers and infants in the top end of Australia 2012 Bar-Zeev, S.J. Barclay, L. Farrington, C. Kildea, S. Journal article
58 The associations between ethnicity and outcomes of infants in neonatal intensive care units 2012 Ruan, S. Abdel-Latif, M.E. Bajuk, B. Lui, K. Oei, J.L. Journal article
59 ‘It's more than just having a baby' women's experiences of a maternity service for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families 2012 Homer, C.S.E. Foureur, M.J. Allendeb, T. Pekin, F. Caplice, S. Catling-Paull, C. Journal article
60 Blunting the legacy of alcohol abuse in Western Australia 2012 Kirby, T. Journal article
Last updated: 24 September 2017
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