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41 Improving the state of health hardware in Australian Indigenous housing: building more houses is not the only answer 2013 Pholeros, P. Lea, T. Rainow, S. Sowerbutts, T. Torzillo, P.J. Online journal article
42 “Nobody smokes in the house if there's a new baby in it”: Aboriginal perspectives on tobacco smoking in pregnancy and in the household in regional NSW Australia 2013 Gould, G.S. Munn, J. Avuric, S. Hoff, S. Cadet-James, Y. McEwen, A. Clough, A.R. Journal article
43 Background paper for investigative panel meeting on new and emerging models of tenancy management in remote Indigenous communities 2013 Habibis, D. Phillips, R. Verdouw, J. Report
44 A trichiasis screening program in the Kimberley 2008–2010 2013 Williams, P. Oosterhuis, C. O'Neill, M. Journal article
45 Surveillance of pneumococcal serotype 1 carriage during an outbreak of serotype 1 invasive pneumococcal disease in central Australia 2010–2012 2013 Lai, J.Y.R. Cook, H. Yip, T. Berthelsen, J. Gourley, S. Krause, V. Smith, H. Leach, A.J. Smith-Vaughan, H. Online journal article
46 Footprints in Time: the longitudinal study of Indigenous children: report from Wave 4 2013 Footprints in Time Report
47 Indigenous translation of Western Australian emergency management guidelines and the emergency management arrangements 2013 Fire and Emergency Services Authority of WA Kimberley Language Resource Centre Report
48 Housing conditionality, Indigenous lifeworlds and policy outcomes: towards a model for culturally responsive housing provision 2013 Habibis, D. Memmott, P. Phillips, R. Go-Sam, C. Keys, C. Moran, M. Report
49 Climate change and health research: has it served rural communities? 2013 Bell, E. Online journal article
50 Overview of the health of Indigenous people in Western Australia 2013 2013 Anomie MacRae, A. Burns, J. Poynton, M. D'Costa, B. Ride, K. Gray, C. Thomson, N. Hoareau, J. Trzesinski, A. Levitan, L. Report
51 Environmental Health Directorate year book: July 2012 – June 2013 2013 Western Australian Environmental Health Directorate Report
52 Evaluation of the Thriving Communities program in six Kimberley communities: final report 2013 KPMG Australia Report
53 Housing for health: the guide 2013 Healthabitat Electronic source
54 Dominance of haemophilus influenzae in ear discharge from Indigenous Australian children with acute otitis media with tympanic membrane perforation 2013 Smith-Vaughan, H.C. Binks, M.J. Marsh, R.L. Kaestli, M. Ward, L. Hare, K.M. Pizzutto, S.J. Thornton, R.B. Morris, P.S. Leach, A.J. Online journal article
55 What works to overcome Indigenous disadvantage: key learnings and gaps in the evidence: 2011-12 2013 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Australian Institute of Family Studies Report
56 Orbiting in place: a West Kimberley case study of Indigenous Sector employment and service delivery 2013 Pleshetet, N. Elvin, R. Report
57 Food and other gardens in and about remote communities: a guide - planning considerations and project opportunities 2013 Fawcett, A. Report
58 Australian Trachoma Surveillance annual report, 2011 2013 Cowling, C.S. Liu, B.C. Ward, J.S. Snelling, T.L. Kaldor, J.M. Wilson, D.P. Journal article
59 Infectious disease management for Aboriginal children of Far West NSW 2013 Gough, N. Oates, S. Grillet, S. Pholeros, P. Journal article
60 "We made the rule, we have to stick to it": towards effective management of environmental tobacco smoke in remote Australian Aboriginal communities 2013 Robertson, J. Pointing, B.S. Stevenson, L. Clough, A.R. Journal article
Last updated: 18 February 2018
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