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41 Reliability of repeated cognitive testing in healthy Indigenous Australian adolescents 2009 Dingwall, K.M. Lewis, M.S. Maruff, P. Cairney, S. Journal article
42 Pathways to community control: an agenda to further promote Aboriginal community control in the provision of primary health care services 2009 Northern Territory Aboriginal Health Forum Report
43 Setting and meeting priorities in Indigenous health research in Australia and its application in the Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health 2009 Monk, J.M. Rowley, K.G. Anderson, I.P. Journal article
44 Issues and challenges for systematic reviews in Indigenous health 2009 McDonald, E.L. Priest, N. Doyle, J.L. Bailie, R.S. Anderson, I. Waters, E. Journal article
45 Look before you leap: the epistemic violence that sometimes hides behind the word 'inclusion' 2009 Fredericks, B. Journal article
46 Resilience to blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections: the development of a participatory action research project with young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Townsville 2008 Erick, W. Mooney-Somers, J. Akee, A. Maher, L. Journal article
47 Reporting back: the Northern Territory Intervention one year on 2008 McMullen, J. Journal article
48 Update on the Aboriginal Birth Cohort Study: wave 3 methods at 20 years 2008 Sayers, S. Singh, G. Fitz, J. Shultz, K. Davson, B. Jamieson, L. Journal article
49 Indigenous ethics is alive and operating in Australia, Canada and New Zealand 2008 Stewart, P. Journal article
50 Ethical hurdles in Indigenous research [letter] 2008 Taylor, H.R. Fox, S.S. Journal article
51 Participatory action research in Indigenous health 2008 Esler, D.M. Journal article
52 Patient centred care: cultural safety in Indigenous health 2008 Nguyen, H.T. Journal article
53 Constraints on researchers acting as change agents 2008 Holcombe, S. Book section
54 Ethics and law: Australian Indigenous health 2008 Parker, M. Report
55 Social and ethical issues in Indigenous health: time for a fresh start [editorial] 2008 Komesaroff, P.A. Journal article
56 Indigenous epistemology and wellbeing: universe referent citizenship 2008 Arabena, K. Report
57 Indigenous research strategy: working better with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities 2008 Davidson, B. Spooner, C. Fisher, K.R. Newton, B.J. Dadich, A. Smyth, C. Tudball, J. Flaxman, S. Report
58 Ways forward in Indigenous health 2008 Coffin, J. Drysdale, M. Hermeston, W. Sherwood, J. Edwards, T. Book section
59 Psycho-oncology model of care 2008 Western Australian Department of Health Report
60 Challenges of measuring the mental health of Indigenous Australians: honouring ethical expectations and driving greater accuracy 2007 Haswell-Elkins, M. Sebasio, T. Hunter, E. Mar, M. Journal article
Last updated: 20 March 2018
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