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No Title Year Author Type
41 Red dirt thinking on child wellbeing in Indigenous, rural and remote Australian communities: the SpICE model “I just don't want my kid to struggle like I did at school” 2014 Clarke, K. Denton, M. Journal article
42 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander home ownership: Submission to Affordable Housing Inquiry 2014 Indigenous Business Australia Report
43 Community and inequality: part 2: Australia 2014 Griffin, D. Book section
44 The prevalence and characteristics of homelessness in the NSW substance treatment population: implications for practice 2014 Allan, J. Kemp, M. Journal article
45 Life after growing up in care: informing policy and practice through research 2014 Murray, S. Goddard, J. Journal article
46 The Black War : fear, sex and resistance in Tasmania 2014 Clements, N. Book
47 Schools, Australia, 2013 2014 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
48 No pet or their person left behind: increasing the disaster resilience of vulnerable groups through animal attachment, activities and networks 2014 Thompson, K. Every, D. Rainbird, S. Cornell, V. Smith, B. Trigg, J. Journal article
49 Aboriginal girls circle: enhancing connectedness and promoting resilience for Aboriginal girls: final pilot report 2014 Dobia, B. Bodkin-Andrews, G. Parada, R. O'Rourke, V. Gilbert, S. Daley, A. Roffey, S. Report
50 Midwives' perceptions of organisational structures and processes influencing their ability to provide caseload care to socially disadvantaged and vulnerable women 2014 Menke, J. Fenwick, J. Gamble, J. Brittain, H. Journal article
51 Towards a relationally and action-orientated social psychology of homelessness 2014 Hodgetts, D. Stolte, O. Groot, S. Journal article
52 Changing narratives: colonised peoples, criminology and social work 2014 Cunneen, C. Rowe, S. Journal article
53 Data resource profile: the Australian Early Development Index (AEDI) 2014 Brinkman, S.A. Gregory, T.A. Goldfeld, S. Lynch, J.W. Hardy, M. Journal article
54 Vicious cycles: digital technologies and determinants of health in Australia 2014 Baum, F. Newman, L. Journal article
55 Competing responsibilities: moving beyond neoliberal responsibilisation 2014 Trnka, S. Trundle, C. Journal article
56 The good practice guide to Child Aware Approaches: keeping children safe and well 2014 Hunter, C. Price-Robertson, R. Report
57 Indigenous reform 2012-13: five years of performance 2014 COAG Reform Council Report
58 The economic impact of the mining boom on Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians 2014 Hunter, B. Howlett, M. Gray, M. Report
59 Income, work and education: insights for closing the gap in urban Australia 2014 Hunter, B. Yap, M. Report
60 Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory: six-monthly progress report 1 January 2013 to 30 June 2013 2014 Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Report
Last updated: 17 January 2017
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