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41 Exercise physiologists emerge as allied healthcare professionals in the era of non-communicable disease pandemics: a report from Australia, 2006–2012 2014 Cheema, B.S. Robergs, R.A. Askew, C.D. Journal article
42 The physician assistant role in Aboriginal healthcare in Australia 2014 Laufik, N. Journal article
43 National Key Performance Indicators for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care: first national results June 2012 to June 2013 2014 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
44 Service providers' views of community participation at six Australian primary healthcare services: scope for empowerment and challenges to implementation 2014 Freeman, T. Baum, F.E. Jolley, G.M. Lawless, A. Edwards, T. Javanparast, S. Ziersch, A. Journal article
45 A theory for Indigenous Australian health and human service work 2014 Muller, L. Book
46 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioner regulation 2014 Freckelton, I. Journal article
47 Developing leaflets to give dental health advice to Aboriginal families with young children 2014 Blinkhorn, F. Wallace, J. Smith, L. Blinkhorn, A.S. Journal article
48 Australia’s health workforce series: psychologists in focus 2014 Australia Health Workforce Report
49 Better methods to collect self-reported alcohol and other drug use data from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians 2014 Lee, K.S.K. Chikritzhs, T. Wilson, S. Wilkes, E. Gray, D. Room, R. Conigrave, K.M. Journal article
50 A decade of experience evolving visiting dental services in partnership with rural remote Aboriginal communities 2014 Dyson, K. Kruger, E. Tennant, M. Journal article
51 Improving Aboriginal maternal and infant health services in the 'Top End' of Australia; synthesis of the findings of a health services research program aimed at engaging stakeholders, developing research capacity and embedding change 2014 Barclay, L. Kruske, S. Bar-Zeev, S. Steenkamp, M. Josif, C. Narjic, C.W. Wardaguga, M. Belton, S. Gao, Y. Dunbar, T. Kildea, S. Online journal article
52 Leadership for the sustainability of the health system: part 4: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health leadership, a key informant interview report 2014 Health Workforce Australia Report
53 Can a white nurse get it? ‘Reflexive practice’ and the non-Indigenous clinician/researcher working with Aboriginal people 2014 Rix, E.F. Barclay, L. Wilson, S. Online journal article
54 Developing a good practice model to evaluate the effectiveness of comprehensive primary health care in local communities 2014 Lawless, A. Freeman, T. Bentley, M. Baum, F. Jolley, G. Online journal article
55 Adoption, implementation and prioritization of specialist outreach policy in Australia: a national perspective 2014 O'Sullivan, B.G. Joyce, C.M. McGrail, M.R. Journal article
56 Quit skills: smoking cessation training for Indigenous health workers 2014 Cancer Council SA Electronic source
57 'Knowledge is power' : Aboriginal healthworkers' perspectives on their practice, education and communities 2014 Rose, M. Thesis
58 How is primary health care conceptualised in nursing in Australia? A review of the literature 2014 Henderson, J. Koehne, K. Verrall, C. Gebbie, K. Fuller, J. Journal article
59 Early childhood nutrition concerns, resources and services for Aboriginal families in Victoria 2014 Myers, J.M. Thorpe, S. Browne, J. Gibbons, K. Brown, S. Journal article
60 Registration for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health practitioners [forum package] 2014 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practice Board of Australia Report
Last updated: 23 November 2017
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