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Family violence
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No Title Year Author Type
41 Children's Commissioner Northern Territory annual report 2013-2014 2014 Office of the Children’s Commissioner Report
42 The kinship conundrum : the impact of Aboriginal self-determination on Indigenous child protection 2014 Sammut, J. Report
43 Reference book for the remote primary health care manuals 2014 Centre for Remote Health Book
44 Specialist homelessness services 2013–14 2014 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
45 Working with Indigenous children and families at risk 2014 Merritt, F.S. Electronic source
46 Trends in child maltreatment in the Northern Territory, using child protection reports and hospital admissions, 1999 to 2010 2014 Guthridge, S.L. Thesis
47 Family violence: pathways forward 2014 Cripps, K. Adams, M. Book section
48 Reporting on family violence in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities 2014 Our WATCh Report
49 Abuse and violence: working with our patients in general practice 4th edition (the white book) 2014 Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Book
50 The law of equality and justice: evaluating domestic violence outcomes for Aboriginal women in New South Wales 2014 Russon, B.J. Thesis
51 Does an intersectional understanding of international human rights law represent the way forward in the prevention and redress of domestic violence against Indigenous women in Australia? 2014 Buxton-Namisnyk, E. Journal article
52 Alcohol-related violence among the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of the Northern Territory: prioritizing an agenda for prevention-narrative review article 2014 Ramamoorthi, R. Jayaraj, R. Notaras, L. Thomas, M. Journal article
53 Koorie kids: growing strong in their culture: October 2014 update 2014 Commission for Children and Young People Report
54 The civil and family law needs of Indigenous people in Queensland 2014 Cunneen, C. Allison, F. Schwartz, M. Report
55 The civil and family law needs of Indigenous people in Western Australia 2014 Allison, F. Schwartz, M. Cunneen, C. Report
56 The intersection of Aboriginal customary law with the NT criminal justice system: the road not taken? 2014 Kelly, J. Conference paper
57 The intervention: mere arltyewele (settle down country) – bear the gap to close the gap 2013 Nathan, P. Journal article
58 ‘Talk, talk, cry, laugh': learning, healing and building an Aboriginal workforce to address family violence 2013 Lau, M.L. Spangaro, J. Herring, S. McNamara, L.D. Journal article
59 Does child abuse and neglect explain the overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in youth detention? Findings from a birth cohort study 2013 Doolan, I. Najman, J.M. Mills, R. Cherney, A. Strathearn, L. Journal article
60 Decomposing the Indigenous life expectancy gap by risk factors: a life table analysis 2013 Zhao, Y. Wright, J. Begg, S. Guthridge, S. Online journal article
Last updated: 23 October 2017
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