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41 Food, food choice and nutrition promotion in a remote Australian Aboriginal community 2014 Colles, S.L. Maypilama, E. Brimblecombe, J. Journal article
42 The Adolescent Sexuality Education Project - community driven approach to improve sexual and reproductive health outcome of all Aboriginal young people across the NT - a further update 2014 Lubari, E. Light, J. Muridzi, T. Ryder, N. Fajardo, E. Bilal, P. Journal article
43 The West Australian Indigenous storybook : celebrating and sharing good news stories: the Kimberley edition 2014 Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA Book
44 Are insights from Indigenous health shaping a paradigm shift in health promotion praxis in Australia? 2014 Crouch, A. Fagan, P. Journal article
45 Cooking choices, picture recipes, images for personal use: Chronic Disease Resources Online resources 2014 Chronic Disease Resources Online Electronic source
46 Realising the potential of the post-2015 development agenda for Indigenous health [letter] 2014 Shannon, C. Brolan, C.E. Gajjar, D. Journal article
47 Welcoming global progress in achieving heart health 2014 Leeder, S. Journal article
48 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: general practice embraces its significant role to close the gap [editorial] 2014 Wakerman, J. Kylie, S. Journal article
49 Health impact assessment in New South Wales & health in all policies in South Australia: differences, similarities and connections 2014 Delany, T. Harris, P. Williams, C. Harris, E. Baum, F. Lawless, A. Wildgoose, D. Haigh, F. MacDougall, C. Broderick, D. Kickbusch, I. Online journal article
50 Deadly choices community health events: a health promotion initiative for urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2014 Malseed, C. Nelson, A. Ware, R. Lacey, I. Lander, K. Journal article
51 Health policy in South Australia 2003–10: primary health care workforce perceptions of the impact of policy change on health promotion 2014 Jolley, G. Freeman, T. Baum, F. Hurley, C. Lawless, A. Bentley, M. Labonte, R. Sanders, D. Journal article
52 PACFA submission to the National Mental Health Commission review of mental health services 2014 Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia Report
53 Increasing preventive care by primary care nursing and allied health clinicians: a non-randomized controlled trial 2014 McElwaine, K.M. Freund, M. Campbell, E.M. Knight, J. Bowman, J.A. Wolfenden, L. McElduff, P. Bartlem, K.M. Gillham, K.E. winggers, J.H. Journal article
54 Analysis of 2014-15 health budget: unfair and unhealthy 2014 Russell, L. Report
55 Improving health promotion in Indigenous primary health care : is a continuing quality improvement approach feasible? 2014 Percival, N.A. Thesis
56 Evaluating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health promotion activities using audit and feedback 2014 O'Donoghue, L. Percival, N. Laycock, A. McCalman, J. Tsey, K. Armit, C. Bailie, R. Journal article
57 Kick the habit: a social marketing campaign by Aboriginal communities in NSW 2014 Campbell, M.A. Finlay, S. Lucas, K. Neal, N. Williams, R. Journal article
58 Australian Football League clinics promoting health, hygiene and trachoma elimination: the Northern Territory experience 2014 Atkinson, J.R. Boudville, A.I. Stanford, E.E. Lange, F.D. Anjou, M.D. Journal article
59 Using participatory action research to prevent suicide in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities 2014 Cox, A. Dudgeon, P. Holland, C. Kelly, K. Scrine, C. Walker, R. Journal article
60 Sharing the tracks to good tucker: identifying the benefits and challenges of implementing community food programs for Aboriginal communities in Victoria 2014 Murray, M. Bonnell, E. Thorpe, S. Browne, J. Barbour, L. MacDonald, C. Palermo, C. Journal article
Last updated: 15 December 2017
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