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41 A travellin’ man 2014 Warhaft, G. Journal article
42 Education, safe drinking practices and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the Kimberley region of Western Australia 2014 Kavanagh, P.S. Payne, J.S. Journal article
43 Clinical trials in a remote Aboriginal setting: lessons from the BOABS smoking cessation study 2014 Marley, J.V. Kitaura, T. Atkinson, D. Metcalf, S. Maguire, G.P. Gray, D. Online journal article
44 Green paper on developing northern Australia 2014 Australian Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development Report
45 Violent and tragic events: the nature of domestic violence-related homicide cases in central Australia 2014 Lloyd, J. Journal article
46 Spatial and temporal variation in type 1 diabetes incidence in Western Australia from 1991 to 2010: increased risk at higher latitudes and over time 2014 Ball, S.J. Haynes, A. Jacoby, P. Pereira, G. Miller, L.J. Bower, C. Davis, E.A. Journal article
47 The impact of first- and second-eye cataract surgery on injurious falls that require hospitalisation: a whole-population study 2014 Meuleners, L.B. Fraser, M.L. Ng, J. Morlet, N. Journal article
48 Cardiovascular rehabilitation and secondary prevention pathway principles for Western Australia 2014 Cardiovascular Health Network Report
49 The state of Western Australia's children and young people - edition two 2014 Commissioner for Children and Young People WA Report
50 Serum vitamin D levels, diabetes and cardio-metabolic risk factors in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians 2014 Maple-Brown, L.J. Hughes, J.T. Lu, Z.X. Jeyaraman, K. Lawton, P. Jones, G.R.D. Ellis, A. Sinha, A. Maclsaac, R.J. Jerums, G. O'Dea, K. Online journal article
51 Peritoneal dialysis outcomes of Indigenous Australian patients of remote Kimberley origin 2014 Marley, J.V. Moore, S. Fitzclarence, C. Warr, K. Atkinson, D. Journal article
52 Evaluation of an ear health pathway in remote communities: improvements in ear health access 2014 Reeve, C. Thomas, A. Mossenson, A. Reeve, D. Davis, S. Journal article
53 Mortality attributable to rheumatic heart disease in the Kimberley: a data linkage approach 2014 Davies, S.B. Hofer, A. Reeve, C. Journal article
54 Living and learning together: principled practice for engagement and social transformation in the east Kimberley region of Western Australia 2014 Drew, N. Book section
55 The West Australian Indigenous storybook : celebrating and sharing good news stories: the Kimberley edition 2014 Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA Book
56 Building resilience in a culturally safe and respectful way within Aboriginal people 2014 Kickett, M. Conference presentation
57 Conservation or co-evolution? Intermediate levels of Aboriginal burning and hunting have positive effects on Kangaroo populations in Western Australia 2014 Codding, B. Bird, R. Kauhanen, P. Bird, D. Journal article
58 National partnership agreement on remote service delivery: evaluation 2013 2014 Evidence and Evaluation Branch Report
59 Multimorbidity in a marginalised, street-health Australian population: a retrospective cohort study 2014 Brett, T. Arnold-Reed, D.E. Troeung, L. Bulsara, M.K. Williams, A. Moorhead, R.G. Online journal article
60 Strong Culture: a road to good health: a resource for engaging Aboriginal school students in diabetes prevention 2014 Diabetes WA Report
Last updated: 24 March 2018
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