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41 Prevalence of gestational diabetes mellitus among Indigenous women and comparison with non-Indigenous Australian women: 1990–2009 2014 Chamberlain, C. Banks, E. Joshy, G. Diouf, I. Oats, J.J.N. Gubhaju, L. Eades, S. Journal article
42 Identification and evaluation of models of antenatal care in Australia – a review of the evidence 2014 Brock, E. Charlton, K.E. Yeatman, H. Journal article
43 National Key Performance Indicators for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care: first national results June 2012 to June 2013 2014 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
44 Australia plays ‘catch-up’ with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders 2014 Elliot, E.J. Journal article
45 Nutrition advice during pregnancy: do women receive it and can health professionals provide it? 2014 Lucas, C. Charlton, K.E. Yeatman, H. Journal article
46 Smoking rates and smoking cessation preferences of pregnant women attending antenatal clinics of two large Australian maternity hospitals 2014 Hoekzema, L. Buning, A.W. Bonevsk, B. Wolke, L. Wong, S. Drinkwater, P. Stewart, K. George, J. Journal article
47 The association between increasing maternal age at first birth and decreased rates of spontaneous vaginal birth in South Australia from 1991 to 2009 2014 Baghurst, P. Robson, S. Antoniou, G. Scheil, W. Bryce, R. Journal article
48 Vitamin D concentrations in pregnant women with diabetes attending for antenatal care in far north Queensland 2014 Cheng, H.C. De Costa, C. McLean, A. Woods, C. Journal article
49 Birth control: to what extent do women report being informed and involved in decisions about pregnancy and birth procedures? 2014 Thompson, R. Miller, Y.D. Online journal article
50 Management of smoking in pregnant women 2014 Mendelsohn, C. Gould, G.S. Oncken, C. Journal article
51 Long-term risk of ectopic pregnancy varies by method of tubal sterilization: a whole-population study 2014 Mlacova, E. Kemp, A. Hart, R. Jama-Alol, K. Preen, B. Journal article
52 Aboriginal girls circle: enhancing connectedness and promoting resilience for Aboriginal girls: final pilot report 2014 Dobia, B. Bodkin-Andrews, G. Parada, R. O'Rourke, V. Gilbert, S. Daley, A. Roffey, S. Report
53 Midwives' perceptions of organisational structures and processes influencing their ability to provide caseload care to socially disadvantaged and vulnerable women 2014 Menke, J. Fenwick, J. Gamble, J. Brittain, H. Journal article
54 Risk factors associated with trajectories of mothers’ depressive symptoms across the early parenting period: an Australian population-based longitudinal study 2014 Giallo, R. Cooklin, A. Nicholson, J.M. Journal article
55 Clustering in Northern Territory perinatal data for 2003-2005: implications for analysis and interpretation 2014 Steenkamp, M. Journal article
56 Epidemiology of ductal carcinoma in situ in Western Australia: implications for surgical margins and management 2014 Butler-Henderson, K. Lee, A.H. Lenzo, N.P. Price, R.I. Journal article
57 Impact of geographic location on surgical outcomes of women with breast cancer 2014 Azzopardi, J. Walsh, D. Chong, C. Taylor, C. Journal article
58 Exploring healthcare variation in Australia: analyses resulting from an OECD study 2014 Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care Report
59 Improving Aboriginal maternal and infant health services in the 'Top End' of Australia; synthesis of the findings of a health services research program aimed at engaging stakeholders, developing research capacity and embedding change 2014 Barclay, L. Kruske, S. Bar-Zeev, S. Steenkamp, M. Josif, C. Narjic, C.W. Wardaguga, M. Belton, S. Gao, Y. Dunbar, T. Kildea, S. Online journal article
60 Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey: updated results, 2012–13 2014 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
Last updated: 19 February 2018
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