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41 Overweight and obesity among Indigenous children: individual and social determinants 2014 Thurber, K. Boxall, A-M. Partel, K. Journal article
42 Aboriginal health policy: is nutrition the ‘gap’ in ‘Closing the Gap’? 2014 Browne, J. Hayes, R. Gleeson, D. Journal article
43 The West Australian Indigenous storybook : celebrating and sharing good news stories: the Kimberley edition 2014 Public Health Advocacy Institute of WA Book
44 Cooking choices, picture recipes, images for personal use: Chronic Disease Resources Online resources 2014 Chronic Disease Resources Online Electronic source
45 Strong Culture: a road to good health: a resource for engaging Aboriginal school students in diabetes prevention 2014 Diabetes WA Report
46 Large and forgotten in rural Australia: assessment, attitudes and possible approaches to losing weight in young adult males 2014 Mendis, K. Foster, T. Paxton, K. Hylan, K. Yelverton, J. McLean, R. Canalese, J. Brown, A. Steinbeck, K. Online journal article
47 From targets to ripples: tracing the process of developing a community capacity building appraisal tool with remote Australian indigenous communities to tackle food security 2014 Brimblecombe, J. van den Boogaard, C. Ritchie, J. Bailie, R. Coveney, J. Liberato, S. Online journal article
48 Sustaining dignity? Food insecurity in homeless young people in urban Australia 2014 Crawford, B. Yamazaki, R. Franke, E. Amanatidis, S. Ravulo, J. Steinbeck, K. Ritchie, J. Torvaldsen, S. Journal article
49 Understanding food security issues in remote Western Australian Indigenous communities 2014 Pollard, C.M. Nyaradi, A. Lester, M. Sauer, K. Journal article
50 Child and Antenatal Nutrition (CAN) manual 2014 Child and Adolescent Community Health Service Western Australia Electronic source
51 ‘We know the Aborigines are dying out’: Aboriginal people and the quest to ensure their survival, Wave Hill station, 1944 2014 Gray, G. Journal article
52 Food security in remote Indigenous communities 2014 Pratt, S. DeMamiel, M. Reye, K. Huey, A. Pope, A. Report
53 Does fluoride in the water close the dental caries gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children? 2014 Lalloo, R. Jamieson, L.M. Ha, D. Ellershaw, A. Luzzi, L. Journal article
54 Sharing the tracks to good tucker: identifying the benefits and challenges of implementing community food programs for Aboriginal communities in Victoria 2014 Murray, M. Bonnell, E. Thorpe, S. Browne, J. Barbour, L. MacDonald, C. Palermo, C. Journal article
55 Diabetes clinic attendance improves diabetes management in an urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population 2014 Chung, F. Herceg, A. Bookallil, M. Journal article
56 Food and health communication across cultures: considerations for health professionals working with remote Aboriginal communities 2014 Colles, S. Maypilama, E.L. Report
57 Apunipima healthy catering guidelines 2014 Apunipima Cape York Health Council Report
58 Social determinants of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption in the longitudinal study of Indigenous children 2014 Thurber, K.A. Bagheri, N. Banwell, C. Journal article
59 EON recipe book and education materials 2014 EON Foundation Electronic source
60 State of our health Aboriginal population compendium: data volume 2014 Health Performance Council Report
Last updated: 18 December 2017
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