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No Title Year Author Type
41 Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia 2012 - 13 2014 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
42 Prevalence and validity of self-reported smoking in Indigenous and non-Indigenous young adults in the Australian Northern Territory 2014 Pearce, M.S. Mann, K.D. Singh, G. Davison, B. Sayers, S.M. Online journal article
43 The impact of Aboriginal status, cigarette smoking and smoking cessation on perinatal outcomes in South Australia 2014 Hodyl, N.A. Grzeskowiak, L.E. Stark, M.J. Scheil, W. Clifton, V.L. Journal article
44 Stillbirth rates among indigenous and non-indigenous women in Queensland, Australia: is the gap closing? 2014 Ibiebele, I. Coory, M. Boyle, F. Humphrey, M. Vlack, S. Flenady, V. Journal article
45 Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey: biomedical results, 2012-13 2014 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
46 Understanding smoking by pregnant Aboriginal women 2014 Passey, M. Thesis
47 Kick the habit: a social marketing campaign by Aboriginal communities in NSW 2014 Campbell, M.A. Finlay, S. Lucas, K. Neal, N. Williams, R. Journal article
48 Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage: key indicators 2014 2014 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
49 The health of Queenslanders 2014: fifth report of the Chief Health Officer Queensland 2014 Chief Health Officer Queensland Report
50 National Drug Strategy Household Survey detailed report: 2013 2014 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
51 Knowledge Centre web resource providing information support to Aboriginal AOD workers and communities 2014 Hoareau, J. Journal article
52 Smoke-free policy catalysts, development, implementation and maintenance in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community settings 2014 Maddox, R. Comfort, J. Journal article
53 Social media and mobile apps for health promotion in Australian Indigenous populations: scoping review 2014 Brusse, C. Gardner, K. McAullay, D. Dowden, M. Online journal article
54 Perceived barriers to smoking cessation in selected vulnerable groups: a systematic review of the qualitative and quantitative literature 2014 Twyman, L. Bonevski, B. Paul, C. Bryant, J. Online journal article
55 State of our health Aboriginal population compendium: data volume 2014 Health Performance Council Report
56 Exploring the barriers and enablers to smoking cessation in pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women with the behaviour change wheel 2014 Gould, G.S. Journal article
57 Western Australia’s mothers and babies, 2011: twenty-ninth annual report of the Western Australian midwives’ notification system 2014 Hutchinson, M. Joyce, A. Report
58 Department of Health performance indicators in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, Queensland 2014 Statistical Analysis and Linkage Team Report
59 Informing public health policy and practice in populations with diverse needs 2014 Scott, N.S. Thesis
60 The ATRAC Framework: a strategic framework for Aboriginal tobacco resistance and control in NSW 2014 Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council of NSW Report
Last updated: 17 November 2017
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