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No Title Year Author Type
41 Perspectives on Indigenous crime in a remote community 2014 O'Hara, R. Journal article
42 Indigenous Respiratory Outreach Care: the first 18 months of a specialist respiratory outreach service to rural and remote Indigenous communities in Queensland, Australia 2014 Medlin, L.G. Chang, A.B. Fong, K. Jackson, R. Bishop, P. Dent, A. Hill, D.C. Vincent, S. O'Grady, K.A.F. Journal article
43 Survival disparities in Australia: an analysis of patterns of care and comorbidities among Indigenous and non-Indigenous cancer patients 2014 Moore, S.P. Green, A.C. Bray, F. Garvey, G. Coory, M. Martin, J. Valery, P.C. Online journal article
44 Serum vitamin D levels, diabetes and cardio-metabolic risk factors in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians 2014 Maple-Brown, L.J. Hughes, J.T. Lu, Z.X. Jeyaraman, K. Lawton, P. Jones, G.R.D. Ellis, A. Sinha, A. Maclsaac, R.J. Jerums, G. O'Dea, K. Online journal article
45 Remote access and care: a comparison of Queensland women's maternity care experience according to area of residence 2014 Hennegan, J. Kruske, S. Redshaw, M. Journal article
46 Dignity, diversion, home and hope: a review of interventions for volatile substance misuse in regional North Queensland 2014 Karam, J. Sinclair, G. Rackstraw, L. Report
47 The positives of a community approach 2014 Fourmile, G. White, T. Conference paper
48 The QAIHC core indicators : overview of development and technical details : version 3 2014 Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council Report
49 A service-level action research intervention to improve identification and treatment of cannabis and related mental health issues in young Indigenous Australians: a study protocol 2014 Bohanna, I. Bird, K. Copeland, J. Roberts, N. Clough, A. Online journal article
50 Exploring the cancer risk perception and interest in genetic services among Indigenous people in Queensland, Australia 2014 Bernardes, C.M. Valery, P.C. Garvey, G. Journal article
51 National partnership agreement on remote service delivery: evaluation 2013 2014 Evidence and Evaluation Branch Report
52 Suicide in adults released from prison in Queensland, Australia: a cohort study 2014 Spittal, M.J. Forsyth, S. Pirkis, J. Alati, R. Kinner, S.A. Journal article
53 The FRIENDS emotional health program for minority groups at risk 2014 Lizuka, C.A. Barrett, P.M. Gillies, R. Cook, C.R. Miller, D. Journal article
54 The use of replacement cost method to assess and manage the impacts of water resource development on Australian Indigenous customary economies 2014 Jackson, S. Finn, M. Scheepers, K. Journal article
55 Deadly choices community health events: a health promotion initiative for urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2014 Malseed, C. Nelson, A. Ware, R. Lacey, I. Lander, K. Journal article
56 Stillbirth rates among indigenous and non-indigenous women in Queensland, Australia: is the gap closing? 2014 Ibiebele, I. Coory, M. Boyle, F. Humphrey, M. Vlack, S. Flenady, V. Journal article
57 Varicella and herpes zoster hospitalizations before and after implementation of one-dose varicella vaccination in Australia: an ecological study 2014 Heywood, A.E. Wang, H. Macartney, K.K. McIntyre, P. Journal article
58 Grade repetition risk for Indigenous students in early schooling in Queensland, Australia 2014 Anderson, R. Journal article
59 Pivot North: inquiry into the development of Northern Australia: final report 2014 Joint Select Committee on Northern Australia Report
60 The bacteriology of bronchiectasis and impact of azithromycin on upper and lower airway bacteria and resistance in Australian Indigenous children 2014 Hare, K.M. Thesis
Last updated: 24 February 2018
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