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No Title Year Author Type
2581 Queensland Drug Strategy 1995 - 1997 1995 Queensland Ministerial Task Force on Drug Strategy Report
2582 Towards a policy statement on mental health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland 1995 Queensland Health Mental Health Branch Report
2583 Epidemiology: an historical perspective [abstract] 1995 Parry, S. Conference presentation
2584 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hearing strategy 1995-1999 1995 Office for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Electronic source
2585 NSW Aboriginal family health strategy 1995 NSW Health Report
2586 1994/95 annual report 1995 Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services Report
2587 New South Wales tobacco and alcohol strategy 1995-1999 1995 New South Wales Health Department Report
2588 Public policy or personal gain: the politics of medical representation 1995 Nelson, B. Journal article
2589 Models for horizontal equity in resource allocation in Aboriginal health 1995 McDermott, R. Beaver, C. Journal article
2590 Improving equity and efficiency in the bush: a needs-based method for healthcare resource allocation in remote communities 1995 McDermott, R. Journal article
Last updated: 1 September 2016
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