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Overweight and obesity
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211 Nutrition in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: an information paper 2000 National Health and Medical Research Council Book
212 Increase in prevalence of obesity and diabetes and decrease in plasma cholesterol in a Central Australian Aboriginal community 2000 McDermott, R. Rowley, K. G. Lee, A. J. Knight, S. O'Dea, K. Journal article
213 Historical perspectives on Indigenous health in Australia 2000 Hetzel, B.S. Journal article
214 Australia's health 2000: the seventh biennial health report of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2000 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
215 Body mass index and mortality in an Australian Aboriginal community 1999 Wang, Z. Hoy, W. McDonald, S. Conference presentation
216 Healthy weight program: Central Queensland [abstract] 1999 Norman, M. Dorman, R. Conference presentation
217 Background information and a guide on nutrition-related diseases in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 1999 National Health and Medical Research Council Report
218 Proteinuria is associated with persistence of antibody to streptococcal M protein in Aboriginal Australians 1999 Goodfellow, A. M. Hoy, W. E. Sriprakash, K. S. Daly, M. J. Reeve, M. P. Mathews, J. D. Journal article
219 Abdominal obesity reduction in Indigenous men 1999 Egger, G. Fisher, G. Piers, S. Bedford, K. Morseau, G. Sabasio, S. Taipim, B. Bani, G. Assan, M. Mills, P. Journal article
220 Aboriginal WAVES project 1999 Cawood, C. Journal article
Last updated: 30 September 2016
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