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No Title Year Author Type
21111 Serum cholesteral and phospholipid levels of Australian Aborigines 1957 Schwartz, D. J. Day, A. J. Peters, J. A. Casley-Smith, J. Journal article
21112 Probable origins of trachoma in Australasia 1957 Mann, I. Journal article
21113 Medical survey of the native welfare trading depot at Manangarira - Liverpool river 1957 Hargrave, J. C. Report
21114 Medical survey of the nomadic natives in the Lake McKay area of the Northern Territory and Western Australia 1957 Hargrave, J. C. Report
21115 Our natives and the vegetation of southern Australia 1957 Cleland, J.B. Journal article
21116 A case of dicephalic monstrosity delivered without medical aid [to a full-blooded Aborigine] 1948 Anonymous Journal article
21117 The natural food supply of Australian Aborigines 1947 Anonymous Journal article
21118 Medical conditions on Bathurst and Melville Islands 1942 Ford, E. Journal article
21119 Nutrition and physical degeneration : a comparison of primitive and modern diets and their effects 1939 Price, W.A. Book
21120 Boomerang legs and yaws in Australian Aborigines 1936 Hackett, C. J. Report
Last updated: 25 November 2014
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