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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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No Title Year Author Type
2091 Some bush medicines from Yikaniwuy 1989 Jones, H. Journal article
2092 Australian Aboriginal families and the health care system 1989 Gray, A. Conference presentation
2093 Multiculturalism and medicine in Australia 1989 Doherty, R. Journal article
2094 Aboriginal pharmacopoeia 1988 Stack, E. Report
2095 Land rights, sovereignty, and health 1988 Victorian Aboriginal Health Services Co-operative Limited Report section
2096 Aboriginal health: an annotated bibliography 1988 Thomson, N. Merrifield, P. Book
2097 Promoting Aboriginal health on television in the Northern Territory: a bi-cultural approach 1988 Spark, R. Mills, P. Conference presentation
2098 An investigation of nutrition-related risk factors in an isolated Aboriginal community in Northern Australia: advantages of a traditionally-orientated life-style 1988 O'Dea, K. White, N. Sinclair, A. Journal article
2099 The hunter-gatherer lifestyle of Australian Aborigines: implications for health 1988 O' Dea, K. Book section
2100 Learning my way 1988 Harvey, B. McGinty, S. Conference presentation
Last updated: 30 August 2015
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