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2051 Reduced prevalence of impaired glucose tolerance and no change in prevalence of diabetes despite increasing BMI among Aboriginal people from a group of remote homeland communities 2000 Rowley, K. G. Gault, A. McDermott, R. Knight, S. McLeay, T. O'Dea, K. Journal article
2052 The urban and rural divide for women giving birth in NSW, 1990-1997 2000 Roberts, C. Algert, C. S. Journal article
2053 Antenatal transfer of rural women: how does the NSW Inpatient Statistics Collection compare with an audit of hospital records? 2000 Roberts, C. Algert, C. Journal article
2054 Healthy horizons 2000 report 2000 Queensland Health Report
2055 Attitudes towards Aboriginal Australians in city and country settings 2000 Pedersen, A. Griffiths, B. Contos, N. Bishop, B. Walker, I. Journal article
2056 Systematic overview of rural health research in Australia published in the serial literature 2000 Patterson, C. Journal article
2057 Annual report 2000-2001 2000 Papunya Regional Council Report
2058 Knowledge of heart health by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers in Queensland 2000 O'Connor, M. L. Parker, R. Meiklejohn, B. Oldenburg, B. Alati, R. Journal article
2059 Cervical cancer mortality in Australia: contrasting risk by Aboriginality, age and rurality 2000 O'Brien, E. Bailie, R. S. Jelfs, P. L. Journal article
2060 Working in collaboration with a rural Aboriginal community: a different approach to promoting health services 2000 North, P. Journal article
Last updated: 30 April 2016
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