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2041 Governance and service delivery for remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory: challenges and opportunities 2000 Westbury, N. Sanders, W. Report
2042 The turmoil of Aboriginal enumeration: mobility and service population analysis in a Central Australian community 2000 Warchivker, I. Tjapangati, T. Wakerman, J. Journal article
2043 A nutrition intervention in a central Australian community: process and evaluation, an interim report 2000 Warchivker, I. Report
2044 Body mass index in Aboriginal Australians in remote communities 2000 Wang, Z. Hoy, W. McDonald, S. Journal article
2045 Duelling Band-aids: debating and debunking issues affecting primary health care to achieve deliverance for Australia's health 2000 Walker, J. Lennox, G. Journal article
2046 Central Australian nurse management model [CAN model]: a strategic approach to the recruitment and retention of remote-area nurses 2000 Van Haaren, M. Williams, G. Journal article
2047 An innovative family support program by and for Indigenous Australians: reflections in evaluation practice 2000 Tsey, K. Journal article
2048 Rural and remote oral health, problems and models for improvement: a Western Australian perspective 2000 Steele, L. Pacza, T. Tennant, M. Journal article
2049 Towards a sexual health strategy for remote communities in the Northern Territory 2000 Skov, S. Journal article
2050 The national inquiry into rural and remote school education 2000 Sidoti, C. Report
Last updated: 27 July 2016
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