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1991 Fruit and vegetable production from horticulture in the Northern Territory: why don't consume more of what we produce or produce more of what we consume? [sic] 1995 Cann, B. Book section
1992 Feasibility study and service plan of health services at Maningrida: final report 1995 Burns, C. B. Report
1993 Patterns of petrol sniffing and other drug use in young men from an Australian Aboriginal community in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory 1995 Burns, C. d'Abbs, P. Currie, B. Journal article
1994 Surveillance of sexually transmitted diseases in the Northern Territory of Australia 1995 Bowden, F. Journal article
1995 Northern Territory sexually transmitted disease program 1995 Bowden, F. Report
1996 Meeting the requirements of injecting drug users in Darwin 1995 Bardsley, L. Report
1997 The Child Dental Health Survey Northern Territory, 1994 1995 AIHW Dental Statistics and Research Unit Report
1998 Mortality project report looking at deaths in the Darwin Region in 1992 1994 Weeramanthri, T. S. Plummer, C. Tippet, V. N. Report
1999 Land, body and spirit: talking about adult mortality in an Aboriginal community 1994 Weeramanthri, T. S. Plummer, C. Journal article
2000 Primary hepatocellular carcinoma in Aboriginal Australians 1994 Wan, X. Mathews, J. Journal article
Last updated: 28 September 2016
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