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191 Prevalence of otitis media (including acute otitis media with performation) in young Australian Aboriginal children from 29 remote communties: a 2001 prepneumococcal conjugate vaccine survey 2003 Morris, P. S. Mellon, G. Leach, J. A. Wilson, C. Conference presentation
192 Identification of a homologue of a house dust mite allergen in a cDNA library from sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis and evaluation of its vaccine potential in a rabiits/s. scabiei var. canis model 2003 Harumal, P. Morgan, M. Walton, S. F. Holt, D. C. Rode, J. Arlian, L. G. Currie, B. J. Kemp, D. J. Journal article
193 Uptake of influenza vaccine among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island adults in north Queensland, 2002 2003 Hanna, J. N. McCulloch, B. G. Journal article
194 An assessment of the implementation of the pneumococcal conjugate vaccination program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait infants in North Queensland 2003 Hanna, J. Bullen, R. Ziegler, C. Ake, T. Dostie, B. Lort-Phillips, K. Journal article
195 Review of the NT adult pneumococcal vaccine database 2002 Stewart, D. Markey, P. Journal article
196 Protection of mice from group A streptococcal infection by intranasal immunisation with peptide vaccine that contains a conserved M protein B cell epitope and lacks a T cell autoepitope 2002 Olive, C. Clair, T. Yarwood, P. Good, M. F. Journal article
197 A framework for developing standard operating procedures for pre-licensure vaccine trials in the Northern Territory 2002 O'Grady, K. A. Russell, F. Hurley, P. Report
198 A report on the feasibility study of the proposed NT pneumococcal vaccine trial 2002 Condon, J. Carapetis, J. O'Grady, K. A. Counahan, M. McGuiness, K. Liddle, H. Hurley, P. Report
199 Options for reporting immunisation-related data on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people[confidential - not for citation 2002 Anonymous Report
200 $19 million for new vaccination program to protect children from pneumococcal disease [media release dated May 17, 2001] 2001 Wooldridge, M. Electronic source
Last updated: 23 December 2014
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