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Eye health
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No Title Year Author Type
11 Manual small incision extracapsular cataract surgery in Australia 2014 Van Zyl, L. Kahawita, S. Goggin, M. Journal article
12 A visual profile of Queensland Indigenous and non-Indigenous school children, and the association between vision and reading 2014 Hopkins, S. Thesis
13 Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health survey: updated results, 2012–13 2014 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
14 The impact of first- and second-eye cataract surgery on injurious falls that require hospitalisation: a whole-population study 2014 Meuleners, L.B. Fraser, M.L. Ng, J. Morlet, N. Journal article
15 Mapping eye care needs and gaps at many levels: applying data to drive change 2014 Morse, A. Tatipata, S. Anjou, M. Conference presentation
16 Training needs and solutions for eye care within ACCHOs 2014 Ismail, S. Stern, J. Waddell, C. Morse, A. Smith, T. Conference presentation
17 Overview of Australian Indigenous health status, 2013 2014 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Report
18 Refractive error is an important entry point in the Indigenous eye care pathway 2014 Napper, G. Peters, J. Anjou, M. Fricke, T. Barney, K. Vickery, C. Jackson, J. Conference presentation
19 CARPA standard treatment manual [6th ed.] 2014 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Book
20 The relative effectiveness of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services compared with mainstream health service 2014 Mackey, P. Boxall, A-M. Partel, P. Journal article
Last updated: 25 August 2016
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