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No Title Year Author Type
21 Aboriginal perspectives of child health and wellbeing in an urban setting: developing a conceptual framework 2012 Priest, N. MacKean, T. Davis, E. Briggs, L. Waters, E. Journal article
22 A case study on public health research management in the Aboriginal community controlled health sector 2012 Adams, K. Lusis, N. Briggs, L. Journal article
23 Exploring primary health care needs, welfare requirements and service use of people experiencing homelessness within Melbourne's CBD and inner suburbs 2012 Rinehart, N.E. Borninkhof, J. Report
24 Treating us right: a summary report describing and evaluating Wadja's new model of care for Aboriginal children and families at the Royal Children's Hospital 2012 Knoche, D. Clarke, A. Shanahan, N. Rowley, K. Report
25 Mental health impacts of racial discrimination in Victorian Aboriginal communities: experiences of racism survey: a summary 2012 VicHealth Report
26 Improving Aboriginal health and wellbeing: local government action guide no. 2 2012 VicHealth Report
27 Victorian Aboriginal affairs framework 2013–2018: building for the future: a plan for ‘Closing the Gap' in Victoria by 2031 2012 Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development Report
28 Indigenous cognitive assessment 2012 Price, J. Journal article
29 Community control: Aboriginal self-determination and Australian settler democracy: a history of the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service 2012 Hemingway, M. Thesis
30 The Victorian Aboriginal spectacle subsidy scheme evaluation report 2012 2012 Victorian Department of Health Report
31 The history of Indigenous identification in Victorian health datasets, 1980–2011: initiatives and policies reported by key informants 2012 Heffernan, B. Iskandar, D. Freemantle, J. Report
32 Feeding our future: Aboriginal early childhood nutrition & physical activity needs assessment report 2012 Thorpe, S. Browne, J. Myers, J. Report
33 Northern AHPACC Consortium Partners: improving employment opportunities for Aboriginal workers in mainstream community health services: Aboriginal readiness checklist project report: 19 September 2012 2012 Northern AHPACC Consortium Partners Report
34 Draft Victorian state disability plan 2013-2016: for consultation 2012 Office for Disability Report
35 Closing the gap in Aboriginal health outcomes initiative: evaluation progress report 2012 Grealy, C. Kurti, L. URBIS Report
36 Victoria's alcohol and drug workforce framework: strategic directions 2012-22 2012 Victorian Department of Health Report
37 Victoria's alcohol and drug workforce framework: implementation plan 2012-15 2012 Victorian Department of Health Report
38 Strengthening assessment and care planning: dementia practice guidelines for HACC assessment services 2012 Royal District Nursing Service Report
39 Goreen Narrkwarren Ngrn–toura – Healthy family air: reducing smoking amongst pregnant Aboriginal women in Victoria: an holistic approach: final report 2012 Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Report
40 Pillars of practice: linking youth and families together 2012 Sundbery, J. Report
Last updated: 22 October 2016
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