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21 Evidence and contestation in the Indigenous policy domain: voice, ideology and institutional inequality 2012 Maddison, S. Journal article
22 The quality of Indigenous identification in administrative health data in Australia: insights from studies using data linkage 2012 Thompson, S.C. Woods, J.A. Katzenellenbogen, J.M. Online journal article
23 Socially responsible genetic research with descendants of the First Australians 2012 van Holst Pellekaan, S.M. Online journal article
24 Stronger smarter Aboriginal policy reform: like Vincent ' ... we know how to wait … ' 2012 Sarra, C. Conference presentation
25 This is not a guide to Indigenous research partnerships: but it could help 2012 Adams, K. Faulkhead, S. Journal article
26 Research, information and consent for the Australian Health Survey: a separate standard for Indigenous people? [letter] 2011 Rowley, K.G. Thorpe, A.H. Journal article
27 Beyond the rhetoric of participatory research in Indigenous communities: advances in Australia over the last decade 2011 Kendall, E. Sunderland, N. Barnett, L. Nalder, G. Matthews, C. Journal article
28 Negotiating human research ethics: case notes from anthropologists in the field 2011 Chenhall, R. Senior, K. Belton, S. Journal article
29 Racism in contemporary Australian nursing 2011 Trueman, S. Mills, J. Usher, K. Journal article
30 Indigenous-led intervention research: the benefits, challenges and opportunities 2011 Clapham, K. Journal article
31 Ethics review of multisite studies: the difficult case of community-based Indigenous health research 2010 Studdert, D.M. Vu, T.M. Fox, S.S. Anderson, I.P. Keeffe, J.E. Taylor, H.R. Journal article
32 National cultural safety training program 2010 Turner, S. Conference presentation
33 Where are the stories? 2010 Pickering, M. Journal article
34 Supporting Indigenous researchers: a practical guide for supervisors 2009 Laycock, A. Walker, D. Harrison, N. Brands, J. Book
35 Ethical research in partnership with an Indigenous community 2009 Weston, R. Brooks, R. Gladman, J. Senior, K. Denley, L. Silove, D. Whyman, N. Kickett, M. Bryant, R. Files, J. Aboriginal Community Advisory Committee Journal article
36 Conflict and collaboration – a sociology of knowledge production in the field of Indigenous studies 2009 Kelly, B. Gili, N. Conference presentation
37 Principles and guidelines for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health: ethical guideline 11 updated 2009 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Report
38 Are we really committed to making a difference? Reflections on Indigenous health research and dissemination [edtiorial] 2009 Thompson, S.C. Taylor, K.P. Journal article
39 The practice of confidentiality in an Aboriginal medical service - what do GPs need to know? 2009 James, J. Cameron, S. Usherwood, T. Journal article
40 Science, research and social change in Indigenous health - evolving ways of knowing 2009 Harvey, P.W. Journal article
Last updated: 18 March 2018
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