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21 Adjusting for under-identification of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander births in time series produced from birth records: using record linkage of survey data and administrative data sources 2012 Lawrence, D. Christensen, D. Mitrou, F. Draper, G. Davis, G. McKeown, S. McAullay, Pearson, G. Zubrick, S.R. Online journal article
22 Enhanced reporting of deaths among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples using linked administrative health datasets 2012 Taylor, L.K. Bentley, J. Hunt, J. Madden, R. McKeown, S. Brandt, P. Baker, D. Online journal article
23 National best practice guidelines for data linkage activities relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
24 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples engagement toolkit 2012 2012 Australian Human Rights Commission Report
25 An enhanced mortality database for estimating Indigenous life expectancy: a feasibility study 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
26 Applying what works: a systematic search of the transfer and implementation of promising Indigenous Australian health services and programs 2012 McCalman, J. Tsey, K. Clifford, A. Earles, W. Shakeshaft, A. Bainbridge, R. Online journal article
27 "Makes you proud to be black eh?": Reflections on meaningful Indigenous research participation 2012 Kelly, J. Saggers, S. Taylor, K. Pearce, G. Massey, P. Bull, J. Odo, T. Thomas, J. Billycan, R. Judd, J. Reilly, S. Ahboo, S. Online journal article
28 Snapshot of Australian primary health care research 2012 2012 Primary Health Care Research & Information Service Report
29 Ethical research in Indigenous Australian contexts and its practical implementation 2012 Gower, G. Conference presentation
30 Aboriginal research and study protocols 2012 McAullay, D. Hayward, C. Report
31 Indigenous health: ACTION on prevention - 50th annual Australian Society for Medical Research National Scientific Conference 2012 Yazbeck, R. Dawson, P. Rogers, N. West, C. Keogh, R. Wallace, D. Polyak, S. Nowak, K. Burt, R. Taylor, J. Dunn, L. Philp, A. Parkinson-Lawrence, E. Online journal article
32 Through a critical lens: Indigenist research and the Dadirri method 2012 West, R. Stewart, L. Foster, K. Usher, K. Journal article
33 The current status of environmental health research in Australia 2012 Gowland, A. Cook, A. Heyworth, J. Journal article
34 Ethical genetic research in Indigenous communities: challenges and successful approaches 2012 McWhirter, R.E. Mununggirritj, D. Marika, D. Dickinson, J.L. Condon, J.R. Journal article
35 Genetic research in Indigenous health: significant progress, substantial challenges [letter] 2012 Hoy, W.E. Journal article
36 Genetic research in Indigenous health: significant progress, substantial challenges [letter] 2012 Garvey, G. Bernardes, C.M. Journal article
37 Genetic research in Indigenous health: significant progress, substantial challenges [letter] 2012 Kowal, E.E. Journal article
38 An investigation of admixture in an Australian Aboriginal Y-chromosome STR database 2012 Taylor, D. Nagle, N. Ballantyne, K.N. van Oorschot, R.A.H. Wilcox, S. Henry, J. Turakulov, R. Mitchell, R.J. Journal article
39 Growing up in Australia: the longitudinal study of Australian children: 2010–11 annual report 2012 Australian Institute of Family Studies Report
40 Genetic research and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians 2012 Kowal, E. Pearson, G. Peacock, C.S. Jamieson, S.E. Blackwell, J.M. Online journal article
Last updated: 24 February 2018
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