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21 Student Aboriginal health worker smoking: findings from a training college in Western Australia [letters] 2012 Hoad, V. Hayward, C. Journal article
22 Time to raise the pharmacy bar on Aboriginal health 2012 Swain, L. Journal article
23 Tips for workers 2012 Demirkol, A. Harrison, M. Murray, O. Wilson, S. Book section
24 Acceptability of participatory social network analysis for problem-solving in Australian Aboriginal health service partnerships 2012 Fuller, J. Hermeston, W. Passey, M. Fallon, T. Muyambi, K. Online journal article
25 The experiences of remote and rural Aboriginal Health Workers and Registered Nurses who undertook a postgraduate diabetes course to improve the health of Indigenous Australians 2012 King, L. King, M. Willis, E. Munt, R. Semmens, F. Journal article
26 Physicians and the Indigenous patient [letter] 2012 Thompson, J.E. Jones, J.N. Journal article
27 The Australian Primary Care Collaboratives Program: improving diabetes care 2012 Knight, A.W. Ford, D. Audehm, R. Colagiuri, S. Best, J. Journal article
28 Developing and implementing a state-wide Aboriginal health promotion program: the process and factors influencing successful delivery 2012 Wise, M. Massi, L. Rose, M. Nancarrow, H. Conigrave, K. Bauman, A. Hearn, S. Journal article
29 The Aboriginal Maternal and Infant Health Service: a decade of achievement in the health of women and babies in NSW 2012 Murphy, E. Best, E. Journal article
30 Do indigenous health curricula in health science education reduce disparities in health care outcomes? 2012 Ewen, S.C. Paul, D.J. Bloom, G.L. Journal article
31 Bringing our voices into the research world: lessons from the Kanyini Vascular Collaboration 2012 Mentha, R.A. de Vries, J. Simon, P.R. Fewquandie, B.N. Brady, J. Ingram, S. Journal article
32 The Closing the Gap Initiative: successes and ongoing challenges for divisions of general practice 2012 Anikeeva, O. Katterl, R. Bywood, P. Journal article
33 Workplace violence in a large correctional health service in New South Wales, Australia: a retrospective review of incident management records 2012 Cashmore, A.W. Indig, D. Hampton, S.E. Hegney, D.G. Jalaludin, B.B. Online journal article
34 The QAAMS Program: quality assurance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical services program [ppt] 2012 McAteer, B. Conference presentation
35 A phase II clinical trial of a dental health education program delivered by Aboriginal health workers to prevent early childhood caries 2012 Blinkhorn, F.A. Brown, N. Freeman, R. Humphris, G. Martin, A. Blinkhorn, A. Online journal article
36 Standard on culturally secure practice (alcohol and other drug sector) 2012 Western Australian Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies Report
37 Creating local heroes at Ntaria Aged Care Centre 2012 Bullock, N. Journal article
38 Differences in primary health care delivery to Australia's Indigenous population: a template for use in economic evaluations 2012 Ong, K.S. Carter, R. Kelaher, M. Anderson, I. Online journal article
39 Our Healing Ways: supervision: a culturally appropriate model for Aboriginal workers 2012 Victorian Dual Diagnosis Education and Training Unit Report
40 The relationship between alcohol and drugs and mental health: a resource book for Aboriginal workers 2012 Victorian Dual Diagnosis Education and Training Unit Report
Last updated: 19 March 2018
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