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No Title Year Author Type
21 National assessment program - ICT literacy years 6 & 10 report 2011 2012 Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority Report
22 Improving access to urban and regional early childhood services 2012 Ware, V-A. Report
23 Why optometry must work from urban and regional Aboriginal health services 2012 Anjou, M.D. Boudville, A.I. Taylor, H.R. Journal article
24 Aboriginal perspectives of child health and wellbeing in an urban setting: developing a conceptual framework 2012 Priest, N. MacKean, T. Davis, E. Briggs, L. Waters, E. Journal article
25 Remote and urban connections - an account of caring for an Indigenous couple 2012 Jane, S. Journal article
26 “Real Blackfellas”: constructions and meanings of urban Indigenous identity 2012 Lambert-Pennington, K. Journal article
27 Conventionally accepted risk factors do not explain higher rates of middle ear disease in remote Indigenous children: an ecological study [letter] 2012 Spurling, G.K.P. Askew, D.A. Schluter, P.J. Simpson, F. Hayman, N.E. Journal article
28 Homeless away from home 2012 Robinson, G. Cleary, J. Carson, D. Carson, D. Robinson, S. Report
29 Exploring primary health care needs, welfare requirements and service use of people experiencing homelessness within Melbourne's CBD and inner suburbs 2012 Rinehart, N.E. Borninkhof, J. Report
30 Indigenous housing need: CAEPR Indigenous population project: 2011 census papers 2012 Biddle, N. Report
31 Centrelink: an innovative urban intervention for improving adult Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander access to vaccination 2012 Thomsen, R. Smyth, W. Gardner, A. Ketchell, J. Journal article
32 The Alcohol Awareness project: community education and brief intervention in an urban Aboriginal setting 2012 Conigrave, K. Freeman, B. Caroll, T. Simpson, L. Kylie Lee, K.S. Wade, V. Kiel, K. Ella, S. Becker, K. Freeburn, B. Journal article
33 Epidemiology of chlamydia and gonorrhoea among Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, 2000–2009 2012 Graham, S. Guy, R.J. Donovan, B. McManus, H. Su, J-Y. El-Hayek, C. Kwan, K.S.H. Dyda, A. Wand, H.C. Ward, J.S. Journal article
34 An intensive smoking intervention for pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women: a randomised controlled trial [letter] 2012 Gould, G.S. McEwen, A. Journal article
35 Dementia screening for urban Aboriginal Australians: the modified Kimberley Indigenous Cognitive Assessment (mKICA) 2012 Jackson Pulver, L. Broe, G.A. Grayson, D. Chalkley, S. Flicker, L. Daylight, G. Mack, H. Radford, K. Report
36 Urban Health: strengthening our voice, culture and partnerships 2012 Edited book
37 Keeping people safe: an evaluation of the Nyoongar Patrol Outreach Service 2012 John Scougall Consulting Services Report
38 Nyoongar Patrol System Inc: annual report 2011/2012 2012 Nyoongar Patrol System Inc Report
39 Beeliar Boodjar: an introduction to Aboriginal history in the city of Cockburn, Western Australia 2012 Collard, L. Bracknell, C. Journal article
40 Ageing well from an urban Indigenous Australian perspective 2011 Waugh, E. Mackenzie, L. Journal article
Last updated: 29 March 2017
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