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Family violence
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No Title Year Author Type
21 Measuring family violence in Victoria: Victorian family violence database: volume 5: eleven year trend analysis 1999 - 2010 2012 Diemer, K. Report
22 An examination of parental child sex offenders : victim profile, recidivism and treatment needs 2012 Borg, K. Thesis
23 Communities working to reduce Indigenous family violence 2012 Cripps, K. Davis, M. Report
24 Safe and supportive Indigenous families and communities for children: a synopsis and critique of Australian research 2012 Lohoar, S. Report
25 Indigenous family violence primary prevention framework 2012 Department of Human Services Report
26 Families with multiple and complex needs: best interests case practice model - specialist practice resource 2012 Bromfield, L. Sutherland, K. Parker, R. Report
27 Protecting children is everyone's business: National Framework for Protecting Australia's Children 2009–2020 – second action plan 2012–2015 2012 Council of Australian Governments Report
28 Children and their families: best interests case practice model: specialist practice resource 2012 Robinson, E. Miller, R. Price-Robertson, R. Carrington, A. Report
29 Your views… from the 2011 views of children and young people in foster care survey 2012 Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Report
30 What's the buzz?: Bumblebees - a therapeutic preschool for abused children 2012 Prentice, K. Signal, T. Taylor, N. Journal article
31 2011 views of children and young people in foster care survey: overview and selected findings 2012 Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Report
32 More than ready: bystander action to prevent violence against women in the Victorian community: research report 2012 Powell, A. Report
33 Our greatest challenge : Aboriginal children and human rights 2012 McGlade, H. Book
34 Violent offending by and against Indigenous women 2012 Bartels, L. Journal article
35 ACT Family Violence Intervention Program review 2012 Cussen, T. Lyneham, M. Report
36 The intersection of trauma, racism, and cultural competence in effective work with Aboriginal people: waiting for trust 2012 Herringa, S. Spangarob, J. Lauwa, M. McNamara, L. Online journal article
37 Exploring primary health care needs, welfare requirements and service use of people experiencing homelessness within Melbourne's CBD and inner suburbs 2012 Rinehart, N.E. Borninkhof, J. Report
38 Children and young people at risk of social exclusion: links between homelessness, child protection and juvenile justice 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
39 Linking SAAP, child protection and juvenile justice data: technical report 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
40 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identification in community services data collections: an updated data quality report 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
Last updated: 21 February 2017
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