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No Title Year Author Type
21 The impact of health on the education of Indigenous children 2012 Thomson, N. Burns, J. McLoughlin, N. Book section
22 Crime, justice and Aboriginal youth 2012 Beresford, Q. Book section
23 The protocol for the Be Our Ally Beat Smoking (BOABS) study, a randomised controlled trial of an intensive smoking cessation intervention in a remote Aboriginal Australian health care setting 2012 Marley, J.V. Atkinson, D. Nelson, C. Kitaura, T. Gray, D. Metcalf, S. Murray, R. Maguire, G.P. Online journal article
24 Early Childhood Nutrition and Anaemia Prevention Project 2012 Aquino, D. Journal article
25 Prevalence of and risk factors for human rhinovirus infection in healthy Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Western Australian children 2012 Annamalay, A.A. Khoo, S.K. Jacoby, P. Bizzintino, J. Zhang, G. Chidlow, G. Lee, W.M. Moore, H.C. Harnett, G.B. Smith, D.W. Gern, J.E. Le Souef, P.N. A Laing, I. Lehmann, D. Journal article
26 Living with aphasia: three Indigenous Australian stories 2012 Armstrong, E. Hersh, D. Hayward, C. Fraser, J. Brown, M. Journal article
27 Alive and kicking goals!: preliminary findings from a Kimberley suicide prevention program 2012 Tighe, J. Journal article
28 The Dampier Peninsula Prevention Project: working with a group of remote Australian Aboriginal communities to address alcohol and drug use 2012 Lee, L. Midford, R. Malone, S. Journal article
29 The risk status, screening history and health concerns of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people attending an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service 2012 Stewart, J.M. Sanson-Fisher, R.W. Eades, S. Fitzgerald, M. Journal article
30 Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia programs 2012 Rheumatic Heart Disease Australia Electronic source
31 Creating cultural empathy and challenging attitudes through Indigenous narratives 2012 Edith Cowan University Electronic source
32 Is income management working? 2012 Buckmaster, L. Ey, C. Report
33 The Lililwan Project: study protocol for a population-based active case ascertainment study of the prevalence of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) in remote Australian Aboriginal communities 2012 Fitzpatrick, J.P. Elliott, E.J. Latimer, J. Carter, M. Oscar, J. Ferreira, M. Olson, H.C. Lucas, B. Doney, R. Salter, C. Peadon, E. Hawkes, G. Hand, M. Online journal article
34 Coordinator General for Remote Indigenous Services report number five: October 2011 to March 2012 2012 Coordinator General for Remote Indigenous Services Report
35 Training together - working together: Aboriginal workforce development strategy 2012 Western Australian Department of Training and Workforce Development Report
36 Student Aboriginal health worker smoking: findings from a training college in Western Australia [letters] 2012 Hoad, V. Hayward, C. Journal article
37 Reducing the health disparities of Indigenous Australians: time to change focus 2012 Durey, A. Thompson, S.C. Online journal article
38 Syphilis epidemiology and public health interventions in Western Australia from 1991 to 2009 2012 Kwan, K.S.H. Giele, C.M. Greville, H.S. Reeve, C.A. Lyttle, H.P. Mak, D.B. Journal article
39 Amphetamine users and crime in Western Australia, 1999–2009 2012 Gately, N. Fleming, J. Morris, R. McGregor, C. Report
40 A different kind of subject: colonial law in Aboriginal European relations in 19th century Western Australia, 1829–61 2012 Hunter, A. Book
Last updated: 26 February 2017
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