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No Title Year Author Type
21 Groups and communities at risk of domestic and family violence: a review and evaluation of domestic and family violence prevention and early intervention services focusing on at-risk groups and communities 2014 Tayton, S. Moore, S. Campo, M. Kaspiew, R. Report
22 Men’s business: a study into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men’s sexual and reproductive health 2014 Adams, M. Book
23 Mycoplasma genitalium and its resistance to azithromycin in incarcerated men from Far North Queensland 2014 Daley, G.M. Russell, D.B. Tabrizi, S.N. Twin, J. McBride, W.J.H. Journal article
24 Victorian Aboriginal Child Mortality Study: patterns, trends and disparities in mortality between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal infants and children, 1999-2008 2014 Freemantle, J. Ritte, R. Smith, K. Iskandar, D. Cutler, T. Heffernan, B. Zhong, G. Mensah, F. Read, A. Report
25 Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men in primary care settings 2014 Andrology Australia Report
26 HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and sexually transmissible infections in Australia: annual report of trends in behaviour 2014 2014 de Wit, J. Mao, L. Adam, P. Treloar, C. (Eds.) Report
27 Our Men Our Healing: designing for change 2014 Gilmour, M. Report
28 'My life is separated': an examination of the challenges and barriers to parenting for Indigenous fathers in prison 2014 Dennison, S. Smallbone, H. Stewart, A. Freiberg, K. Teague, R. Journal article
29 Characteristics of inmates with a history of suicide attempts and/or deliberate self harm 2014 Barton, J.J. Thesis
30 Clinical summary guides: a series of clinical summary guides on the management of male sexual and reproductive health have been developed by Andrology Australia to assist health professionals in the management of their male patients 2014 Andrology Australia Electronic source
31 Fourth National Hepatitis C Strategy 2014-2017 2014 Australian Department of Health Report
32 Fourth National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Blood-Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmissible Infections Strategy 2014-2017 2014 Australian Department of Health Report
33 From homelessness to sustained housing 2010-2013 2014 Conroy, E. Bower, M. Flatau, P. Zaretzky, K. Eardley, T. Burns, L. Report
34 Decolonising Indigenous child welfare: comparative perspectives 2014 Libesman, T. Book
35 Elevated reporting of unprotected anal intercourse and injecting drug use but no difference in HIV prevalence among Indigenous Australian gay and bisexual men compared with their Anglo-Australian peers 2013 Lea, T. Costello, M. Mao, L. Prestage, G. Zablotska, I. Ward, J. Kaldor, J. de Wit, J. Holt, M. Journal article
36 Male reproductive health disorders among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men: a hidden problem? 2013 Adams, M.J. Collins, V.R. Dunne, M.P. de Kretser, D.M. Holden, C.A. Journal article
37 Help seeking by Aboriginal men who are mentally unwell: a pilot study 2013 Isaacs, A.N. Maybery, D. Gruis, H. Journal article
38 Indigenous employment - a story of continuing growth 2013 Gray, M. Hunter, B. Howlett, M. Report
39 Evaluation of information and support for parents and carers of children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: final report January 2013 2013 Wilkins, A. Jones, H. Watkins, R. Mutch, R. Bower, C. Report
40 Men's health roundup in the NT 2013 Wallner, F. Journal article
Last updated: 18 March 2018
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