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No Title Year Author Type
21 Crime, justice and Aboriginal youth 2012 Beresford, Q. Book section
22 Exclusion of Indigenous youth from important parts of the Australian Health Survey [letter] 2012 Hoy, W.E. Journal article
23 The chroming report: a Government framework for children-in-care 2012 Queensland Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Report
24 Alive and kicking goals!: preliminary findings from a Kimberley suicide prevention program 2012 Tighe, J. Journal article
25 Dental health of Indigenous children in the Northern Territory: progress of the Closing the Gap Child Oral Health program up to December 2011 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
26 A nationwide survey of adolescents & young adults with end stage kidney disease 2012 Ritchie, A.G. Clayton, P.A. Mackie, F.E. Kennedy, S.E. Journal article
27 Chronic condition self-management: working in partnership toward appropriate models for age and culturally diverse clients 2012 Paterson, G.A. Nayda, R.J. Paterson, J.A. Journal article
28 Report on child and youth suicide in the NT 2012 NT Child Deaths Review and Prevention Committee Report
29 A risky business? Health and physical activity from the perspectives of urban Australian Indigenous young people 2012 Nelson, A.L. Macdonald, D. Abbott, R.A. Journal article
30 The benefits of a tailor-made pilot primary health-care course for Indigenous high school students in remote Queensland 2012 Pham, X. Page, P. Sivamalai, S. Woolley, T. Journal article
31 Education programs for Indigenous Australians about sexually transmitted infections and bloodborne viruses 2012 Strobel, N.A. Ward, J. Report
32 Engaging Indigenous students through school-based health education 2012 McCuaig, L. Nelson, A. Report
33 Connected Communities: discussion paper 2012 New South Wales Department of Education and Communities Report
34 Connected Communities strategy 2012 New South Wales Department of Education and Communities Report
35 National guide to a preventive health assessment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: second edition 2012 National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Report
36 Family functioning in the aftermath of a natural disaster 2012 McDermott, B.M. Cobham, V.E. Online journal article
37 Indigenous adolescent mental health: what is the role of primary health care? 2012 Butler, C. Journal article
38 Special situations, settings and groups 2012 Adamson, D. Andersen, K. Black, K. Elliot, E. Harwood, A. Heffernan, E. Hill, S. Minnis, J. Whitton, G. Book section
39 The criminalisation of conduct: Indigenous youth in the criminal justice system 2012 Brown, L. Journal article
40 Diet, physical activity, and obesity in school-aged Indigenous youths in northern Australia 2012 Valery, P.C. Ibiebele, T. Harris, M. Green, A.C. Cotterill, A. Moloney, A. Sinha, A.K. Garvey, G. Online journal article
Last updated: 18 March 2018
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