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No Title Year Author Type
21 The relative effectiveness of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services compared with mainstream health service 2014 Mackey, P. Boxall, A-M. Partel, P. Journal article
22 Australian Football League clinics promoting health, hygiene and trachoma elimination: the Northern Territory experience 2014 Atkinson, J.R. Boudville, A.I. Stanford, E.E. Lange, F.D. Anjou, M.D. Journal article
23 Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage: key indicators 2014 2014 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
24 2014 annual update on the implementation of the roadmap to close the gap for vision 2014 Indigenous Eye Health Unit Report
25 Australian trachoma surveillance report 2013 2014 The Kirby Institute Report
26 Reference book for the remote primary health care manuals 2014 Centre for Remote Health Book
27 Primary health care training for efficient optometry services 2014 Morse, A. Ismail, S. Waddell, C. Arkapaw, L. Conference presentation
28 Current status of trachoma elimination in Australia: making trachoma a history by 2020 2014 Jung, J. Rahman, S. Rashid, H. Khandaker, G. Journal article
29 Summary of the health of Indigenous people in Western Australia, 2013 2014 Anomie MacRae, A. Burns, J. Poynton, M. D'Costa, B. Ride, K. Gray, C. Thomson, N. Hoareau, J. Trzesinski, A. Levitan, L. Report
30 Implementation plan under the National framework for action to promote eye health and prevent avoidable blindness and vision loss 2014 Australian Department of Health Report
31 Monitoring Indigenous access to cataract surgery: policy paper 2014 Indigenous Eye Health Unit Report
32 Regional implementation roundtable report April 2014 2014 Minum Barreng Indigenous Eye Health Report
33 Indigenous Eye Health: health promotion roundtable 2014 Minum Barreng Indigenous Eye Health Report
34 Diabetic eye disease. Initiatives to close the gap in Indigenous eye health [conference poster] 2014 Abouzeid, M. Anjou, M.D. Boudville, A.I. Tapp, R.J. Taylor, H.R. Conference presentation
35 Health promotion partnership for trachoma elimination [conference poster] 2014 Lange, F.D. Atkinson, J.R. Taylor, H.R. Conference presentation
36 Data empowering eye health [conference poster] 2014 Anjou, M.D. Boudville, A.I. Taylor, H.R. Conference presentation
37 Incidence of visual impairment due to cataract, diabetic retinopathy and trachoma in Indigenous Australians within Central Australia: the Central Australian Ocular Health Study 2013 Landers, J. Henderson, T. Craig, J.E. Journal article
38 Indigenous access to cataract surgery: an assessment of the barriers and solutions within the Australian health system 2013 Boudville, A.I. Anjou, M.D. Taylor, H.R. Journal article
39 Contribution of vision loss to the Indigenous health gap 2013 Vos, T. Taylor, H.R. Journal article
40 Near-vision impairment and unresolved vision problems in Indigenous Australian adults 2013 Arnold, A-L.M.R. Goujon, N. Busija, L. Fox, S. Xie, J. Dunn, R.A. Keeffe, J.E. Taylor, H.R. Journal article
Last updated: 23 October 2017
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