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No Title Year Author Type
21 Closing the Gap – Koolin Balit: Aboriginal health: 2011 update: regional data 2013 Victorian Department of Health Report
22 Promoting Aboriginal health through the arts: overview of supported projects 2013 VicHealth Report
23 Our stories are our survival 2013 Bamblett, L. Book
24 Taking control of YOUR health journey 2013 Respecting Patient Choices Report
25 Continuous quality improvement tool: Aboriginal health in acute health services and area mental health services 2013 Victorian Department of Health Report
26 Indigenous young people leaving out of home care in Victoria: a literature review 2013 Baidawi, S. Mendes, P. Saunders, B. Journal article
27 Dental Health Services Victoria strategic plan 2013-2016 2013 Dental Health Services Victoria Report
28 Unfinished business : telling the story of Aboriginal women in Victorian prisons 2013 Humphreys, C. Electronic source
29 Koori Prisoner Mental Health and Cognitive Function Study: executive summary and recommendations 2013 Ogloff, J.R.P. Patterson, J. Cutajar, M. Adams, K. Thomas, S. Halacas, C. Report
30 Koori Prisoner Mental Health and Cognitive Function Study: final report 2013 Ogloff, J.R.P. Patterson, J. Cutajar, M. Adams, K. Thomas, S. Halacas, C. Report
31 Cancer in Victoria: statistics & trends 2012 2013 Thursfield, V. Staines, C. Giles, G. Farrugia, H. Report
32 The role of effective partnerships in an Australian place-based intervention to reduce race-based discrimination 2013 Ferdinand, A.S. Paradies, Y. Kelaher, M.A. Journal article
33 Closing the Gap in inner north west Melbourne: a population health needs assessment 2013 Inner North West Melbourne Medicare Local Report
34 The role of boards in clinical governance: activities and attitudes among members of public health service boards in Victoria 2013 Bismark, M.M. Walter, S.J. Studdert, D.M. Journal article
35 Mind the gap: addressing HIV and STIs among young people in rural and regional areas 2013 Roberts, A. Journal article
36 The civil and family law needs of Indigenous people in Victoria 2013 Schwartz, M. Allison, F. Cunneen, C. Report
37 Reduction of adolescent alcohol use through family–school intervention: a randomized trial 2013 Toumbourou, J.W. Gregg, M.E.D. Shortt, A.L. Hutchinson, D.M. Slaviero, T.M. Journal article
38 Characteristics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander presentations to three Victorian emergency departments 2013 Martin, C. Smith, T. Graudins, A. Braitberg, G. Chapman, R. Journal article
39 Outreach surgical consulting services in north east Victoria 2013 Chittleborough, T.J. Lourensz, K. Elliot, M. Thomas, P. Franzi, S. Journal article
40 Victoria's priorities for mental health reform 2013-2015 2013 Victorian Department of Health Report
Last updated: 24 June 2017
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