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No Title Year Author Type
21 Addressing uncomfortable issues : the role of white health professionals in Aboriginal health 2012 Wilson, A.M. Thesis
22 Best practice camel book: an illustrated guide to the 2012 Australian Standard, Model Code of Practice and Standard Operating Procedures relevant to the humane control of feral camels 2012 Edited book
23 Submission in support of recognition of Aboriginal peoples in the South Australian constitution 2012 Appleby, G. Caruso, D. Grenfell, L. Reilly, A. Stubbs, M. Report
24 Sexually transmissible infections action plan 2012-2015 2012 South Australian Department for Health and Ageing Report
25 An evaluation of the benefits of swimming pools for the hearing and ear health status of young Indigenous Australians: a whole-of-population study across multiple remote Indigenous communities 2012 Sanchez, L. Carney, S. Estermann, A. Sparrow, K. Turner, D. Report
26 An investigation of admixture in an Australian Aboriginal Y-chromosome STR database 2012 Taylor, D. Nagle, N. Ballantyne, K.N. van Oorschot, R.A.H. Wilcox, S. Henry, J. Turakulov, R. Mitchell, R.J. Journal article
27 South Australian Aboriginal health survey 2012 Taylor, A.W. Marin, T. Avery, J. Grande, D. Report
28 Homeless away from home 2012 Robinson, G. Cleary, J. Carson, D. Carson, D. Robinson, S. Report
29 The development of culturally safe and relevant health promotion resources for effective trachoma elimination in remote Aboriginal communities 2012 Baunach, E. Lines, D. Pedwel, B. Lange, F. Cooney, R. Taylor, H.R. Journal article
30 Study Protocol: establishing good relationships between patients and health care providers while providing cardiac care. Exploring how patient-clinician engagement contributes to health disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in South Australia 2012 Roe, Y.L. Zeitz, C.J. Fredericks, B. Online journal article
31 Wudinna Health Centre: improving access to primary care in a remote community 2012 Lewis, S. Journal article
32 Australian trachoma surveillance annual report, 2010 2012 Cowling, C.S. Popovic, G. Liu, B.C. Ward, J.S. Snelling, T.L. Kaldor, J.M. Wilson, D.P. Journal article
33 Coordinator General for Remote Indigenous Services six monthly report April 2012 to September 2012 2012 Coordinator General for Remote Indigenous Services Report
34 Indigenous disparity in lower court imprisonment decisions: a study of two Australian jurisdictions, 1998 to 2008 2012 Jeffries, S. Bond, C. Report
35 Community-based obesity prevention initiatives in aboriginal communities: the experience of the Eat Well Be Active community programs in South Australia 2012 Wilson, A. Jones, M. Kelly, J. Magarey, A. Journal article
36 Barriers to and facilitators of colorectal cancer screening in different population subgroups in Adelaide, South Australia 2012 Javanparast, S. Ward, P.R. Carter, S.M. Wilson, C.J. Journal article
37 A qualitative investigation of the roles of Aboriginal health workers in supporting aboriginal people living with diabetes in a rural town in South Australia 2012 Terubentau, M.C. Thesis
38 South Australian Department for Health and Ageing annual report 2011-12 2012 South Australian Department for Health and Ageing Report
39 South Australian suicide prevention strategy 2012-2016 2012 South Australian Department for Health and Ageing Report
40 The framework for recovery-oriented rehabilitation in mental health care 2012 Mental Health & Substance Abuse Division Report
Last updated: 17 March 2018
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