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21 Cross cultural education in suicide prevention: development of a training resource for use in Central Australian Indigenous communities 2012 Lopes,J. Lindeman, M. Taylor, K. Grant, L. Journal article
22 Use of the Westerman Aboriginal Symptoms Checklist - Youth (WASC-Y) to screen for mental health problems in Indigenous youth in custody 2012 Stathis, S.L. Doolan, I. Letters, P. Arnett, A. Cory, S. Quinlan, L. Journal article
23 The DRUID study - exploring mediating pathways between racism and depressive symptoms among Indigenous Australians 2012 Paradies, Y.C. Cunningham, J. Journal article
24 Using psychotherapeutic arts to decolonise counselling for Indigenous peoples 2012 McKenna, T. Woods, D.B. Journal article
25 ANTaR prebudget submission: 2012-13 2012 Australians for Native Title Reconciliation Report
26 Stigma and suffering: white anti-racist identities in northern Australia 2012 Kowal, E. Journal article
27 Reform and resistance in Aboriginal education: fully revised edition 2012 Beresford, Q. Partington, G. Gower, G. Edited book
28 The impact of health on the education of Indigenous children 2012 Thomson, N. Burns, J. McLoughlin, N. Book section
29 Eating disorder features in Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australian peoples 2012 Hay, P.J. Carriage, C. Online journal article
30 A model for increasing Indigenous participation in psychology degrees 2012 Harris, J.B. Hill, B. Kiernan, M. Journal article
31 Gone too soon: a report into youth suicide in the Northern Territory: committee report 2012 Select Committee on Youth Suicides in the NT Report
32 Improving mental health awareness of rural Aboriginal men: perspectives from Gippsland 2012 Isaacs, A. Maybery, D. Journal article
33 Culture, context and therapeutic processes: delivering a parent-child intervention in a remote Aboriginal community 2012 Mares, S. Robinson, G. Journal article
34 Mental health of Australian Aboriginal women during pregnancy: identifying the gaps 2012 Prandl, K.J. Rooney, R. Bishop, B.J. Journal article
35 Social and emotional wellbeing: development of a children's headline indicator 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
36 Summary of Australian Indigenous health, 2011 2012 Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet Report
37 Alive and kicking goals!: preliminary findings from a Kimberley suicide prevention program 2012 Tighe, J. Journal article
38 Report on government services 2012: Indigenous compendium 2012 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
39 Bringing them home: a Gippsland mental health workforce recruitment strategy 2012 Sutton, K. Maybery, D. Moore, T. Journal article
40 Younger people with disability in residential aged care: 2010-11 2012 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
Last updated: 23 January 2018
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