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No Title Year Author Type
21 Drug use monitoring in Australia: 2009–10 report on drug use among police detainees 2012 Sweeney, J. Payne, J. Report
22 Reform and resistance in Aboriginal education: fully revised edition 2012 Beresford, Q. Partington, G. Gower, G. Edited book
23 Crime, justice and Aboriginal youth 2012 Beresford, Q. Book section
24 The challenges of reducing tobacco use among prisoners 2012 Richmond, R.L. Butler, T.G. Indig, D. Wilhelm, K.A. Archer, V.A. Wodak, A.D. Journal article
25 Massive prevalence of hearing loss among Aboriginal inmates in the Northern Territory 2012 Vanderpoll, T. Howard, D. Journal article
26 Victorian Government Indigenous affairs report 2010-11 2012 Aboriginal Affairs Taskforce Report
27 Understanding drug-related mortality in released prisoners: a review of national coronial records 2012 Andrews, J.Y. Kinner, S.A. Online journal article
28 Report on government services 2012: Indigenous compendium 2012 Steering Committee for the Review of Government Service Provision Report
29 Enough is enough: alcohol reform report July 2011 to end March 2012 2012 Northern Territory Government Report
30 Year Book Australia, 2012 2012 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
31 Illicit drug data report 2010-11 2012 Australian Crime Commission Report
32 Aboriginal health workers at Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service caring for the needs of Aboriginal people in the new ACT prison and the needs of their families 2012 Poroch, N. Tongs, J. Longford, E. Keed, S. Journal article
33 Improving Aboriginal juvenile detainees' access to community health services 2012 Whitton, N. Indig, D. Journal article
34 Family violence courts 2012 Schneller, E. Report
35 Recorded crime - victims, Australia, 2011 2012 Australian Bureau of Statistics Report
36 Legal issues 2012 Key, J. Page, J. Smyth, D. Book section
37 Special situations, settings and groups 2012 Adamson, D. Andersen, K. Black, K. Elliot, E. Harwood, A. Heffernan, E. Hill, S. Minnis, J. Whitton, G. Book section
38 The Holcroft Inquest: prisoners deserve more humane prison transportation 2012 Dodd, P. Journal article
39 The criminalisation of conduct: Indigenous youth in the criminal justice system 2012 Brown, L. Journal article
40 Overcrowding in Queensland prisons 2012 Campbell, F. Journal article
Last updated: 29 May 2017
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