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11 Effectiveness of nurse home visiting for families in rural South Australia 2014 Sawyer, M.G. Pfeiffer, S. Sawyer, A. Bowering, K. Jeffs, D. Lynch, J. Journal article
12 Tele-web psychology in rural South Australia: the logistics of setting up a remote university clinic staffed by clinical psychologists in training 2014 Simpson, S.G. Rochford, S. Livingstone, A. English, S. Austin, C. Journal article
13 Travelling to the city for hospital care: access factors in country Aboriginal patient journeys 2014 Kelly, J. Dwyer, J. Willis, E. Pekarsky, B. Journal article
14 Cultural respect strategies in Australian Aboriginal primary health care services: beyond education and training of practitioners 2014 Freeman, T. Edwards, T. Baum, F. Lawless, A. Jolley, G. Javanparast, S. Francis, T. Journal article
15 National partnership agreement on remote service delivery: evaluation 2013 2014 Evidence and Evaluation Branch Report
16 Health impact assessment in New South Wales & health in all policies in South Australia: differences, similarities and connections 2014 Delany, T. Harris, P. Williams, C. Harris, E. Baum, F. Lawless, A. Wildgoose, D. Haigh, F. MacDougall, C. Broderick, D. Kickbusch, I. Online journal article
17 The impact of Aboriginal status, cigarette smoking and smoking cessation on perinatal outcomes in South Australia 2014 Hodyl, N.A. Grzeskowiak, L.E. Stark, M.J. Scheil, W. Clifton, V.L. Journal article
18 Local economies of mobility in sparsely populated areas: cases from Australia's spine 2014 Carson, D.B. Carson, D.A. Journal article
19 Varicella and herpes zoster hospitalizations before and after implementation of one-dose varicella vaccination in Australia: an ecological study 2014 Heywood, A.E. Wang, H. Macartney, K.K. McIntyre, P. Journal article
20 CARPA standard treatment manual [6th ed.] 2014 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Book
Last updated: 29 September 2016
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