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Closing the gap
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11 Developing anti-tobacco messages for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: evidence from a national cross-sectional survey 2014 Gould, G.S. Watt, K. Stevenson, L. McEwen, A. Cadet-James, Y. Clough, A.R. Online journal article
12 Rural oncology: overcoming the tyranny of distance for improved cancer care 2014 George, M. Ngo, P. Prawira, A. Journal article
13 Victorian Government Aboriginal Affairs report 2013 2014 Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet Report
14 Indigenous health check (MBS 715) data tool 2014 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Electronic source
15 A model for large-scale, interprofessional, compulsory cross-cultural education with an Indigenous focus 2014 Kickett, M. Hoffman, J. Flavell, H. Journal article
16 Closing the gap targets need added focus: Indigenous mental health has to be front and centre of any future government strategy 2014 Medicus Journal article
17 The First 1000 Days: catalysing equity outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children 2014 Arabena, K. Journal article
18 Indigenous reform 2012-13: five years of performance 2014 COAG Reform Council Report
19 Income, work and education: insights for closing the gap in urban Australia 2014 Hunter, B. Yap, M. Report
20 Priority setting in Indigenous health: assessing priority setting process and criteria that should guide the health system to improve Indigenous Australian health 2014 Otim, M.E. Kelaher, M. Anderson, I.P. Doran, C.M. Online journal article
Last updated: 30 June 2016
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