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21 Challenges to developing effective streptococcal vaccines to prevent rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease 2014 Sharma, A. Nitsche-Schmitz, D.P. Journal article
22 Invasive group A streptococcal infection in the Northern Territory, Australia: case report and review of the literature 2014 Middleton, B. Morris, P. Carapetis, J. Journal article
23 Improving ethnocultural data to inform public health responses to communicable diseases in Australia 2014 Quinn, E. Massey, P. Rosewell, A. Smith, M. Durrheim, D. Journal article
24 HTLV-1 associated bronchiectasis among Indigenous Australians is associated with higher HTLV-1 proviral loads: results of a prospective case-control study 2014 Einsiedel, L. Cassar, O. Goeman, E. Spelman, T. Gessain, A. Online journal article
25 Managing crusted scabies in remote Aboriginal communities: 2014 edition 2014 One Disease Report
26 Managing households with recurrent scabies: 2014 edition 2014 One Disease Report
27 Aboriginal populations and their neglected tropical diseases 2014 Hotez, P.J. Online journal article
28 HTLV-1 molecular epidemiology in central Australia: two distinctive HTLV-1 subtype C lineages in Indigenous Australians 2014 Cassar, O. Einsiedel, L. Afonso, P.V. Gessain, A. Online journal article
29 A scabies mite serpin interferes with complement-mediated neutrophil functions and promotes staphylococcal growth 2014 Swe, P.M. Fischer, K. Online journal article
30 Scabies increased the risk of chronic kidney disease: a 5-year follow-up study 2014 Chung, S.D. Wang, K.H. Huang, C.C. Lin, H.C. Journal article
31 Vaccine against scabies: necessity and possibility 2014 Liu, X. Walton, S. Mounsey, K. Journal article
32 Use of dried blood spots to define antibody response to the Strongyloides stercoralis recombinant antigen NIE 2014 Mounsey, K. Kearns, T. Rampton, M. Llewellyn, S. King, M. Holt, D. Currie, B.J. Andrews, R. Nutman, T. McCarthy, J. Journal article
33 Higher human T-Lymphotropic virus type 1 subtype C proviral loads are associated with bronchiectasis in Indigenous Australians: results of a case-control study 2014 Einsiedel, L. Cassar, O. Goeman, E. Spelman, T. Au, V. Hatami, S. Joseph, S. Gessain, A. Online journal article
34 Roaming behaviour and home range estimation of domestic dogs in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in northern Australia using four different methods 2014 Durr, S. Ward, M.P. Journal article
35 One Disease: tackling scabies and crusted scabies across the Top End 2014 Langstaff,R. Kopczynski, A. Alvoen, F. Marika, W. Ganambarr, R. Maymuru, B. Wald, L. Jenkins, J. Galliers,J. Saroukos, C. Thompson, S. Foster, T. Bray, M. Gunasekara, D. Vick, S. Prince, S. Journal article
36 Short-course oral co-trimoxazole versus intramuscular benzathine benzylpenicillin for impetigo in a highly endemic region: an open-label, randomised, controlled, non-inferiority trial 2014 Bowen, A.C. Tong, S.Y.C. Andrews, R.M. O'Meara, I.M. McDonald, M.I. Chatfield, M.D. Currie, B.J. Carapetis, J.R. Journal article
37 Varicella and herpes zoster hospitalizations before and after implementation of one-dose varicella vaccination in Australia: an ecological study 2014 Heywood, A.E. Wang, H. Macartney, K.K. McIntyre, P. Journal article
38 CARPA standard treatment manual [6th ed.] 2014 Central Australian Rural Practitioners Association Book
39 The bacteriology of bronchiectasis and impact of azithromycin on upper and lower airway bacteria and resistance in Australian Indigenous children 2014 Hare, K.M. Thesis
40 Strongyloides stercoralis: systematic review of barriers to controlling strongyloidiasis for Australian Indigenous communities 2014 Miller, A. Smith, M.L. Judd, J.A. Speare, R. Online journal article
Last updated: 17 October 2017
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