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21 Echocardiographic screening for rheumatic heart disease in high and low risk Australian children 2014 Roberts, K. Maguire, G. Brown, A. Atkinson, D. Reményi, B. Wheaton, G. Kelly, A. Kumar, R.K. Su, J-Y. Carapetis, J.R. Journal article
22 Evaluation of a school-based health education program for urban Indigenous young people in Australia 2014 Malseed, C. Nelson, A. Ware, R. Journal article
23 Feeling supported and abandoned: mixed messages from attendance at a rural community cardiac rehabilitation program in Australia 2014 Fletcher, S.M. Burley, M.B. Mitchell, E.K.L. Thomas, K.E. Journal article
24 Modifiable cardiovascular disease risk factors among indigenous populations 2014 Lucero, A.A. Lambrick, D.M. Faulkner, J.A. Fryer, S. Tarrant, M.A. Poudevigne, M. Williams, M.A. Stoner, L. Online journal article
25 Cardiometabolic health nursing to improve health and primary care access in community mental health consumers: baseline physical health outcomes from a randomised controlled trial 2014 Happell, B. Staton, R. Hoey, W. Scott, D. Journal article
26 Evidence for improved patient management through electronic patient records at a Central Australian Aboriginal Health Service 2014 Hoy, W.E. Swanson, C.E. Hope, A. Smith, J. Masters, C. Journal article
27 Health priorities in an Australian mining town: an intercept survey 2014 Ellis, I.K. Skinner, T.C. Bhana, A. Voon, N. Longley, K. Online journal article
28 Predicting coronary heart disease in remote settings: a prospective, cross-sectional observational study 2014 Dwivedi, J. Sutcliffe, S. Eastbrook, L. Woods, C. Maguire, G.P. Journal article
29 Why it remains difficult for remote cardiologist to obtain the locus of control for ambulatory health care conditions such as congestive heart failure? 2014 Iyngkaran, P. Brown, A. Battersby, M. Nadarajan, K. Ilton, M. Online journal article
30 Supporting Aboriginal women’s health needs 2014 Cole, R. Journal article
31 Prevalence of stroke and coexistent conditions: disparities between Indigenous and nonIndigenous Western Australians 2014 Katzenellenbogen, J.M. Knuiman, M.W. Sanfilippo, F.M. Hobbs, M.S. Thompson, S.C. Journal article
32 Exploring disparities in acute myocardial infarction events between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians: roles of age, gender, geography and area-level disadvantage 2014 Randall, D.A. Jorm, L.R. Lujic, S. Eades, S.J. Churches, T.R., O’Loughlin, A.J. Leyland, A.H. Journal article
33 Exercise physiologists emerge as allied healthcare professionals in the era of non-communicable disease pandemics: a report from Australia, 2006–2012 2014 Cheema, B.S. Robergs, R.A. Askew, C.D. Journal article
34 Acute coronary syndrome in Australia: Where are we now and where are we going? 2014 Nadel, J. Hewitt, T. Horton, D. Journal article
35 Access to cardiac rehabilitation does not equate to attendance 2014 Clark, R.A. Coffee, N. Turner, D. Eckert, K.A. Gaans, D.V. Wilkinson, D. Stewart, S. Tonkin, A.M. Journal article
36 The real world mental health needs of heart failure patients are not reflected by the depression randomized controlled trial evidence 2014 Tully, P.J. Wittert, G. Selkow, T. Baumeinster, H. Online journal article
37 Transfers to metropolitan hospitals and coronary angiography for rural Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal patients with acute ischaemic heart disease in Western Australia 2014 Lopez, D. Katzenellenbogen, J.M. Sanfilippo, F.M. Woods, J.A. Hobbs, M.S.T. Knuiman, M.W. Briffa, T.G. Thompson, P.L. Thompson, S.C. Online journal article
38 National Key Performance Indicators for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health care: first national results June 2012 to June 2013 2014 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Report
39 Investigating the extent and explanations of in-hospital disparities experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people admitted for acute coronary syndrome in South Australia 2014 Keech, W. Tavella, R. Brown, K. Zeitz, C. Beltrame, J. Brown, A. Journal article
40 Presentation and management of acute coronary syndromes in Australian Aboriginal patients 2014 Zeitz, C. Tavella, R. Arstall, M. Chew, D. Worthley, S. Worthley, M. Beltrame, J. Journal article
Last updated: 19 February 2018
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