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Get the drum on ear disease

by Radio Adelaide

Year 2013
Publisher Radio Adelaide


Get the drum on ear disease is a series of 8 short video and audio pieces that aim to raise awareness of how to avoid the damage that can come from ear disease in early childhood. The material is targeted at parents and carers of infants and young children, and healthcare workers supporting or working with infants and young children.

All 8 episodes are available from the website as both audiovisual files and audio only.

Two of the episodes are in Pitjantjatjara, a dialect of the Western Desert language traditionally spoken by the Pitjantjatjara people of Central Australia. These two videos contain English subtitles.

The titles of the episodes and a brief description of each is listed below:

  • Knowledge is power - Indigenous elder discusses the importance of looking after children's ears.
  • Can you hear me? - information about preventing ear disease from a mother and an early childhood worker.
  • Wrong kind of deadly - demonstrates the importance of hearing in development by comparing the experiences of a child with hearing loss and one without.
  • Healthy children, healthy ears - information about the progression of ear infections and hearing loss, and identifying ear disease in children.
  • Deadly dads, listen up - a father discusses his own hearing loss and how the whole family can look after the ear health of younger family members.
  • Strumming your way to healthy ears - Indigenous artists Bec Gollan and Caper talk about what the whole community needs to know to avoid ear disease.
  • Rawa nintiringanyi (learning all the time) - a family talks about the importance of hearing for learning development, and how to prevent ear disease (this episode is in Pitjantjatjara with English subtitles).
  • Pina pika (sick ears) - many people from the other 7 episodes discuss prevention, diagnosis and management of ear disease and hearing loss (this episode is in Pitjantjatjara with English subtitles).

The Get the drum on ear disease series was produced by Radio Adelaide as a part of the Australian Government Care for kids' ears campaign.

Abstract adapted from Radio Adelaide



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