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No Title Year Author Type
19901 A family study of leprosy: subcutaneous amyloid deposits and humoral immune responses 1982 Wangel, A. G. Wegelius, O. Dyrting, A. Journal article
19902 Water and related services to remote communities 1982 Walker, B. W. Book section
19903 Billy Reid's sore skins: for Aboriginal health workers and others 1982 Walder, B. Beran, D. Book
19904 The establishment, progress and success of the Northern Territory's Aboriginal Health Worker Training Scheme 1982 Tuxworth, I. Journal article
19905 Aboriginal nutrition: the need for a cultural and historical perspective 1982 Thomson, N. Journal article
19906 Intercultural misunderstandings about health care: recall of description of illness and treatment 1982 Steffensen, M.S. Colker, L. Journal article
19907 Aboriginal health workers in Australia 1982 Soong, F. S. Journal article
19908 Craniocervical morphology and posture in Australian Aboriginals 1982 Solow, B. Barrett, M. J. Brown, T. Journal article
19909 Nutrition education in the Northern Territory 1982 Shelley, C. Journal article
19910 Bush medicines: the pharmacopoeia of the Yolgnu of Arnhem Land 1982 Scarlett, N. White, N. Reid, J. Book section
Last updated: 20 April 2014
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