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No Title Year Author Type
1971 Shrinking the Kimberley: remote area psychiatry in Australia 1995 McLaren, N. Journal article
1972 The mental health of Aboriginal communities 1995 McKendrick, J. Thorpe, M. Book section
1973 Injury deaths amongst Aboriginal Australians 1995 Kreisfeld, R. Harrison, J. Moller, J. Journal article
1974 Discussion paper submitted to the NHMRC Working Party on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing [mental health] 1995 Kanowski, L. Westerway, J. Report
1975 Is there a role for prevention in Aboriginal mental health? 1995 Hunter, E. Journal article
1976 "Freedom's just another word": Aboriginal youth and mental health 1995 Hunter, E. Journal article
1977 The social context of Aboriginal mental health 1995 Hunter, E. Journal article
1978 Aboriginal mental health: an overview: part 10, Child development, section B 1995 Hunter, E. Journal article
1979 Changing patterns of serious mental disorder in Aboriginal communities: preliminary reflections [abstract] 1995 Hunter, E. Conference presentation
1980 Conflicting constructions of Aboriginal suicide: a letter in response to Robert Parker [letter] 1995 Hunter, E. Journal article
Last updated: 31 January 2015
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