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No Title Year Author Type
1971 Outback psychiatry 1997 Cunningham, K. Journal article
1972 Government response to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission report 'Bringing them home' 1997 Commonwealth Government Report
1973 Empowering approaches to Aboriginal addictions 1997 Casey, W. Pickett, H. Garvey, D. Report
1974 A regional profile of suicide in Queensland 1997 Cantor, C. H. Slater, P. J. Journal article
1975 The second Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child survival conference 1997 Campbell, D. Ellis, R. Journal article
1976 Preliminary findings from the inmate health survey (ie physical and mental health status) of the inmate population in the New South Wales correctional system 1997 Butler, T. Report
1977 Commonwealth initiatives in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health 1997 Boardman, I. Conference presentation
1978 Racism and prejudice: psychological perspectives 1997 Australian Psychological Society Report
1979 First report on national health priority areas 1996: cardiovascular health, cancer control, injury prevention and control, mental health, diabetes mellitus 1997 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services Report
1980 Exploratory report on Indigenous social and emotional well being therapies/programs 1997 Atkinson, C. Underhill, S. Report
Last updated: 30 June 2016
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