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Australian Indigenous HealthBulletin

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No Title Year Author Type
19611 Aboriginal health and the home care service of NSW 1988 Dixon, P. Journal article
19612 Contemporary Aboriginal women and subsistence in remote, arid Australia 1988 Devitt, J. Thesis
19613 Childhood immunization and infectious diseases survey 1988 Department of Community Medicine Report
19614 Human cryptosporidiosis in North Queensland 1988 Cruickshank, R. Ashdown, L. Croese, J. Journal article
19615 Introduction; Chapter 6: Race and racism 1988 Cowlishaw, G. Book section
19616 Assessment of Aboriginal Health Services 1988 Copeman, R. Journal article
19617 Congenital malformation in diabetic Aboriginal pregnancies in Western Australia, 1980-1984 1988 Connell, A. Gent, C. Massey, M. Thesis
19618 Latest research on the effects of kava on health 1988 Commonwealth Department of Community Services and Health Book section
19619 Alcohol in Australia: a summary of related statistics 1988 Commonwealth Department of Community Services and Health Book
19620 National policy on women's health: a framework for change 1988 Commonwealth Department of Community Services and Health Report
Last updated: 29 June 2016
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